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Back into the auto collision specialist studios here that lot. But maybe you don't know exactly. What other clues specialists does They've had done a couple of things for me over there as well. Head a fender bender here and there Take a look at my brother's vehicle as well get you back To brand new like paint colors. That's my biggest pet peeve on on different cars that have been in some sort of a collision or crash or something like that is the one. The paint colors don't add match and it's just ever so slightly and the sons got a hit it just right and might be nitpicking. But i'm like dad's not that that's not that color and it's something as simple as that can go overlooked. But their attention to detail at a auto collision specialist is remarkable. Mike morris and deb and everybody over there Give them a call and let them know you heard about them. Here on k of k but we appreciate their sponsorship as always poll question up on facebook page at noko now favor. Favorite adam sandler movie. What is it. that's what we want to know today. right now On our poll question it looks at it is happy gilmore leading the way So far which i mean. It's hard to argue. It really is hard are you. I'm very surprised to see a spangler thrown in there spanish mention. I didn't think it's all right. But that's not like when i think about him. Stanley that's not it. And apparently according to kevin carfax movie not to Don't have don't have a moustache. Adam saying there apparently fifty eight when we come back our number to michelle vance. Executive director for the windsor chamber of commerce will join us World tough night for the denver nuggets as well. We'll get more clicks all that much much more coming your way. No canal presented by the j. ninety agencies brian. Kelly tenor twin our to coming your way on northern cowardice voice. Thirteen ten kfi came..

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