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This is great because we see we see all we see people coming in with all types of auto immune issues, all types of skin issues all the time. And a lot of times those, those skin issues in particular areas of really bad really toxic liver issues, and the is really backed up in the livers toxic and you see, so you see different types of psoriatic issues and Joseph happened to come in at severe psoriasis. He had on his elbows on his knees on his scalp. And it was really was on this medication. And that medication this cream and that cream and all those things are very expensive as people probably know. And so he lost thirty one pounds in forty days. Which is, you know, it's a little below typical for men. We typically see twenty thirty five to forty five plus with men, but still thirty one forties tremendous. And when he came in, you know, we, we did the hair and saliva. Diviner jetty scans, we looked at his blood work necessity. I know functional level he got we gave them a liver support. We give mental support. We also give immune support for a lot of times, those things are on our auto immune type of issues. So for whatever reason the bodies attacking itself, so we gave him some immune support got the body work in the right way. Thirty one pounds forty days, the psoriasis, he says eighty to ninety percent completely gone, and it's great because then we're gonna use the DNA, and that's gonna show what supplementation, he's going forward and that'll show dental scan for forty different. Metabolic factors to not only help them keep weight off, but also how to stay as healthy as possible going forward for really for the rest of his life. So once we get the body work in the right way is very little things that you that it cannot overcome on its own. I forgot to mention when you were talking about the C Pap machine. I knew I had somebody in mind that I wanted to talk about. So the CPAP machine is very uncomfortable for the person using it for the person sleeping next to them all. You know, because they do make noise and it's just not the most attractive thing in the world to have next to you. Right. So we actually lower and Michael come in, and they both did the program. She didn't have too much weight to lose. But I think she did it more as a support system for her husband, which by the way it works. Great. And we have a husband and wife come in. We really see tremendous results for both usually because you've got the mental support. You've got the cooking support and all these other things. So michael. Is down a thirty six pounds in twenty seven days. Right. So one of the biggest reasons he came in today. It over pound day. But one of the biggest reasons he came in wasn't even so much because he was using a CPAP machine, but he was on three different options. Not hungry. All now not hungry. He was on three different diabetes medications. Well, yeah, because his glucose levels used to be one fifty to two hundred in the morning. And so he he used to take three pills in the morning to get those numbers now, three pills. Now, his doctor actually took him completely off the meds. Twenty seven days into the program because at day twenty-seven his glucose levels in the morning. Arranging between ninety seven and one five that's where he's averaging and basically, which is normal. Right. And the CPAP machine is completely gone also and his wife apparently is now sleeping back in the bedroom. No you go. I mean, there's gotta be some pluses and benefits to that one, right? I jam- just saying I listen. I'm just saying. Yeah. So I think that's really cool. I, I really, you know, I I fortunately do not take any medications, but, you know, hearing from people in terms of a how much money they're saving by not getting their monthly meds. Refilled be how much better they feel without those medications on a daily basis. And listen being married to a set of pills every morning is really, really. Depressing. In a lot of ways, I think, and I think that that's what our patients really start to realize, if they hadn't already realized that before they came to us. But one of the things in one of the benefits is when they come in, and they're like, you know, hey, I don't have to take that medication anymore. My doctor told me I don't have to do that. It's really great. And you don't have to be best friends with your pharmacist. No really, don't know. You could be best friends with someone else who provides positive things for you. You know it's true Shawna came in and she was down. So Sean, did the program she kind of did it in a weird way. She did it for thirty days then she had a two week vacation. So she did the program for thirty days. Stop the program two weeks short before vacation get a little to get the reset couple of days in, then she came back in June. She did another twenty days at a program. She did a total of fifty days in the cool thing is she was away. So she stopped the program should thirty days. Lost a bunch of weight. Let's say twenty five or thirty pounds or something like that. And third in the thirty. Days went away on vacation, for ten to fourteen days and didn't put any of the weight back on all while on vacation, which is awesome. And then she came back and did another twenty one days of the program. So basically fifty days at a program and lost, so fifty six pounds total in the fifty days. That's pretty impressed. Yet. That's great vacation vacation in the middle said, you must have customized that one for we have to play with it a little bit. So she had she says she had a vacation plan, she hadn't been away. And look, I'm not gonna tell somebody not to go on vacation. So we just customize it for. We played with it a little bit. Did it the right way? And what's great is she no more thyroid meds? No more no more sugar medications thyroid levels in normal, so she doesn't need that Ginny the thyroid medications anymore. And which she came in we, we were able to do we did the hair and saliva by energetic. Scans gave her hormone support gave her thyroid support. She needed panther support. Also in she lost. She lost that weight DNA. We're going to do DNA is going to be used also to help keep the weight off to keep her to keep her as, as healthy as possible, and your thyroid is really important when you're talking about people that are coming in a lot of times with mineral imbalances, and things like that, that affects the thyroid, a lot to thyroid, really that I gotta get bind with sodium to get into the cells of the thyroid t for and work. So that's why people have a sluggish thyroid, a lot of times, you'll see wake gain and the problem might not even be with a thyroid, the problem might be with the fact that your body's not as has a mineral imbalanced, bouncing, the, and the, the, the, I may not be with you get into the cell of the thyroid gland. So, you know that conversion to T forty-three is really that's the sort of the gas pedal to the metabolism, so to speak. And if that's not happened the right way. So if you're if you're having a hard time. Wait, you have a mineral imbalance and let Choate imbalance, meaning your body isn't absorbing water properly before because of that you'll be affected on the weight loss of it. And now if you're if let's say the thyroid, if you've got thyroid issues, and you're not able to lose weight, a lot of times, we'll see the thyroid not being able to get the even the chemicals, the minerals into the thyroid to get the, the whole process going. So that'll slow it down also. So it's all important bodies. Just an amazing amazing mechanism. But unfortunately, here in there, we'll see a few issues come up a few imbalances come up, and that's all it takes really is a few imbalances and getting it going the wrong way. You're gonna stay going the right or wrong way. And then conversely, speaking, you get it move in the right way. It's just the body heal. So great on its own the once you get it, he'll in the right way. You're going to be able to keep going that way and get on the road to health and stay on the road health, so really one eight five five.

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