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A lot of glamour and appeal to me you know the great photographs by striking and statelets and all of these great people and the pieces by clapper's loosen dorothy parker and it was a very glamorous erin publishing so when i heard about the launch of it i began to get a little sort of tingle thinking wow i wonder what that's going to be like then when it was launched it was total turkey they got the first editor wrong they put another editor brennan he was wrong and it just went from being this glamorous icon of being a bit of a laughing stock which point they thought communist well let's just give this young woman in london go you know we bought this magazine on them why don't we just give her ago they brought me in i as as a sort of consultant for the first few months and i was able to therefore it's a bit like being at some account before real school i was able to look around and realize what it was that what they were doing wrong i mean it just seem that they had misconceived entirely the way the magazine should go with concern you at all that going into a loser could be the downfall i think when you're young and sort of a very ambitious which was i mean in many ways this book is a kind of serenade young i'm bishen i was very sort of full of aspirated and full of energy and full of self confidence in a way i just thought this is ridiculous i mean i guys can't later order magazines i know what a good magazine is because tatler would was a very good magazine we have no budget but we did have britain young staff and they were doing amazing things my motto there was if you don't have a budget get yourself a point of view that's abc's rebecca jarvis with tina brown komo news time one fifty propel insurance money update here's bruce vaile mixed economic news sent stocks to a lower close today and knocked the dow jones industrial average back into negative territory for the year the blue chip index fell one hundred ninety three points closing at twenty four thousand seven zero six the nasdaq composite lost fifty nine points and the s and p five hundred dropped eighteen points twitter shares closed down about two percent the company is turning to greater automation.

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