Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, Thailand discussed on The Stephen A. Smith Show


What are you gonna do if you can't stop steph curry knowing that kevin durant as a model of consistency what are you going to do there's absolutely nothing that you can do at steph curry is the greatest front running in the world when it was struggling he was struggling but when they got it going and he ended up another notch in third quarter lights out c p three you're a great player phenomenal great lead a great person great family man you got to show up bro thirteen points is in thailand unacceptable you got show up if you can't defend steph curry you got to preoccupies steph curry by making him defend you see p three need to be that do drop forty one points in game six of the closeout series i of the utah jazz semi finals that's cpt needs to be ladies and gentlemen some of y'all go look at james harder stephen i why are you giving him a pass let me tell you why it wasn't great knife at james harden by any stretch of the imagination only scored twenty points only hit like seventy sixteen shots i get it on the stand lays gentlemen i gotta tell ya something james harden's generous sixty five have you seen these defendants on state take steph curry off the court and every single damn soul they put on their six six and above they're all bigger and longer all of them all of them.

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