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But yeah, man, headed down and I felt like going to be good especially was like on SNL, he's been like Talking Dead. So many different paths, a couple of weeks and yeah, I blew it. Now you didn't blow your next fight. Now the king of call outs right here. We have a legend with you, Jeff, he was this guy was before you were born, he was knocking off is out, okay? Phil Baroni is joined us the Ronnie. Yeah. The legend supposed to fight. Jake. Paul. I don't know how that's going right now. He's fighting, Mike Kyle's birthday. Yeah. In like three weeks in Atlantic City, Mike Polly said, I want to fight that pussy downhearted. Mm. Okay now, why is Dan Hardy a pussy? Pussy. Pussy, pussy, pussy. I mean he's a lot of really good tough guy. Who do? I don't think of that funk shut the fuk up pussy. I said so as I said he's a book now now now Dan wants and okay, okay, I'll tell you how long It must go to them. What's going to visit us? Some shit Rising? You mean, whatever risen like the Wu-Tang. So all right, here we go. Dan Hardy, guys, he beat down because they're hurting me, but I trained with that hard. He's a friend of mine. Well then he did did well you suck. So there you go right there by your fucking. I'm not going to buy your fucking anything you say it's definitely worth a dollar in America dala. A guy you lost to fill but that's okay. He beat Dan Ludwig, right? I mean Duane Ludwig. Not not download. When Ludwig? He beat, Mike, swick. He Marcus David of those guys are good. Baroni know, what happened to ship to piss him off, Adam, did he hang up? He's always pissed off bills. Okay, good. Okay. All right, so fill this guy's name. Amir sadollah Duane Ludwig. Mike, swick Marcus old Pokemon, go, fuck your mother, slept to show you. How about that? I don't want to, I don't want to fuck my mother. My mother and like I was three, I feel a lot. I just seen her she's doing. Okay, thank you. This is now this is vintage Phil Baroni right here. All right, so are we ready for the fight coming up in Atlantic City to kill this guy goes? I look ready, bro, with the fuk nice already took. All right, so last time we talked, you were cracking eggs, drinking raw, eggs, smoking weed, and training. I was a lot happier than I am right now, right before the birth. Okay. Is that are you cutting weight? Is that problem? I'll just a fucking pissed off mode broker. Go fight somebody with the fuk. I know I'm excited for you is a, who's in your cruising at your corner this time, nice. What about what's his name? A motorcycle. Yeah, yeah, all right. Yeah, it shows you all right, you got Chuck Zito, Mark Coleman in your corner. Yeah, it's against the corner. All right, so we are excited about this and then afterwards. Now, dead hard. He wants his release from the UFC. He's begging Dana for his release. So, I think this is a great time for you to fight him..

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