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It's a hard sell dude. But i'm trying but i love it. I love it. that's to me. The the only problem is like a lot of people. Don't have that experience with alzheimer's show but my dad is very sweet right now. And i know it's gonna get bad. I know he's probably he's difficult with his wife but with me it's all very you know he knows what's up also like that type of stuff. It's hard to deal with. But i mean we have a sick family. We always find funny. And what are your people. Die of My mom she had diabetes and until eighty something right. Yes that's good was it. Life right sees the strong black woman. Diabetes woman had ten kids before anesthesia was. No anesthesia's is give me. That wallet passed a while in the whiskey. Do you all you guys. Get along other siblings. Yeah mother's I've a close relationship with each one. Yeah that's good. Are they most of them out. Because they have all choked me at some pain in my life the one yeah you're the would keno little scared of. Because he spanked me. When i was like ten he kind of stood in for the old man. Sometimes my false for me too but he kind of doubled up on a little pissed off at who passed him over they just past year around. The spank are being the youngest man against fucked up because most those no everything here. We don't hide everything had one point at damon's fucking sneakers keenan's pants and my father's underwear on like nothing was my and and i'm the but every joke there's the name of the special. Nothing was mine. That's you're really good at that coined coining the free down. Nothing was i and then you work towards at the end at the end The callback like and that's who i am. That's coming out of august nineteenth. You know what it is. Yeah Hbo max how's it called. You know what it is. You know what it is. That's give away the whole thing. I didn't want to spill. Max and we love it is like you're given the shoko a what enough it does. We love so much to it. There's so much more you know what it is and then you go. Oh i get it. Yeah yeah yeah. I wanted to call what i want to call it I wanna call yachts mermaids analogy belly buttons. That's good or i want to call it Boiling hot mess Yeah yeah you know what it is like you know anyway. Let me tell you the titles. We actually Email i was surprised the The the the the bringing around the mermaid story worked. Is you a surprise you. The worst that comes out august nineteenth back august thirteenth. Watch it on edmark. Marin steals a show. I was blessed to stare screen with man. You're really funny a lot. you're really solid actor about. Thanks buddy you good like some people just like you know you really good now. Thanks buddy right. you're the guy. Give you my jokes about i. Write my part me one of your hundred million dollar movies that kids give me some back end. That kids like a good talking. You love your brother.

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