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A local Allstate agents get a cold now traffic and weather every ten minutes on the tense from temp starred header heating and cooling next update at eight forty five Jonny hill newsradio six NW ten you're headed up the west freeway going toward date near Indianapolis looks like you're pretty much on the wipers old way past Dayton and most of the way to Indianapolis this morning heading down seventy one toward Cincinnati is going to be a little more spotty little more hit and miss down that direction ABC six first warning weather says yeah we got rain in the forecast mostly a mid day event for us today stays mild little breezy today we top out at fifty degrees now overnight the ring's gonna say to the south here in the city probably gonna be worry more about fog toward morning forty degrees for the night time low than tomorrow similar kind of date not as big a chance of rain but a chance nonetheless otherwise cloudy cool fog in the morning tomorrow as I goes fifty four forecast is powered by the basement Dr we've got forty seven degrees right now in west Jeff same here forty seven your severe weather station newsradio six ten W. T. V. N. it's right into the news room with an update on the big story here Scott angel it was a series of hit skip crash is on Columbus's website early this morning that also left one person dead started with at least four cars in a box truck that were hit along Haig Avenue and wrestling Sullivan Avenue at your recount the passenger in his get vehicle died the driver fled the scene and police are still investigating was seven shootings reported across Columbus on Sunday included four reports in the span of about a half an hour all those occurred in the eight o'clock hour last night one shooting occurred during what was supposed to have been online package delivery in a total five people or take the Columbus hospitals the at least one was listed in critical condition voters in fourteen states head to the polls tomorrow on super Tuesday democratic presidential front runner Bernie Sanders is expected to do well the former vice president Joe Biden has new momentum after his win in South Carolina special coverage of super Tuesday here on six ten WTVN begins tomorrow at eight PM president trump meanwhile will hold a campaign rally tonight in Charlotte North Carolina that's one of the states participating in super Tuesday Charlotte's also where the Republican national convention will be held this summer I'm Scott Jennings next reported nine for breaking news and weather alerts instilling follow us on Twitter at six ten WTVN news news can change in a blink of an eye get a complete refreshing in your news feed at the top of the hour six ten windows app co no down payment needed if you trust us we trust you visit APCO dot com for more information you so is the place to go so you can try if you or a loved one or a victim of a surgical or anesthesia mistake brain injury or paralysis birth injury late diagnosis or cerebral palsy or wrongful death okay now to medical team I'm covers medical mistakes call one eight hundred elk Ohio if you stop and think about it old windows in your house have the potential to be triple bad I mean cold air in in the winter pollen and dirt in the spring and noise all summer why not replace windows now and do it right with hello windows great offers right now with fifty percent off installation or thirty six months no interest financing and these windows are gorgeous stop at the show room and check about a Polaris give McCall get scheduled at eight seven seven ninety eight pallets or shop when you want a tele Columbus dot com the new Ricoh copier vendor in Columbus is wood hall would hold copiers printers and document solutions is Ohio's largest family owned dedicated Rico dealer visit their website it will hold U. S. A..

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