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This might have been the quietest campaign. Visit in history. I remember we got the memo is going to happen. Did anybody recall seeing Mike Pence in Florida and Jacksonville and VERA last night now, and it was pretty close to my house at a private dinner there? I guess it was a fundraiser. Some, you know, some big Republican with a lot of money the mucky mucks thirty grand a plate or fifty. Yeah. Maybe one hundred couldn't afford to park the car is there. I don't think that's why I was invited was uninvited. But I was like, I didn't even know come into Vero beach. And he was dissatisfied rally in Jacksonville. It was vice-president Pence accompanied by his wife. Karen and White House adviser Kellyanne Conway was there and how come we knew nothing about? Well, I guess if we've done our homework, maybe known. Yeah. But still you a search long and hard to find the role, but this event, and maybe that's that's part and parcel of the problem with the Santa's campaign. Nothing's resonating. What's going on there? Well, you know, what maybe we'll find out what is it Holloway? Or is it next Tuesday? And we got an invitation to it to the president's coming. He's going to be sterile, and you can get your tickets any Delgado sunup to us actually Chason as the link is to get our tickets, but we're not driving to a sterile obviously in the middle of the day. But it's going to be sold out. Like, it usually is the tickets are free. You just have to have a ticket and you have to get one and get their on. Time. But at least we know he's got it. So Rhonda Santa's will be there. He may be then he'll bring up the fact that Andrew gillum wants to impose a forty percent increase on small business taxes, or maybe he's thinking about putting in place a state income tax. Maybe then he'll talk about it. It may be too late. He's running out of time and kill them just playing, you know, run out the clock at this point or a lot voting's already and he's Neilan on the field. That's exactly what he's doing. So the crowd last night the Jacksonville crowd. The rally is about five hundred people they say the prime Osborn convention center. Just to relate to everybody that descendants will have the Trump administration's full support Pence is speaking there, blah, blah, blah, desanta speaks in what's again. And by the way, lives in Ponte Vedra beach right outside of Jacksonville. Once again, reiterated the Hamilton thing. Oh my God. Get off the tickets. It's not listen. He did say that the issues is his quote, the issue is at the center of the candidates. You know, what else is there ease? It's about integrity. It's not a black or white. It's about ready to run fine. When it becomes that hammer that home like you said, he's retired about the fact that the Santa's wants the taxes to kingdom come Gillam was the taxes to kingdom. Come and he's supported abolishing ice. He's also on the record saying the first thing you'd like to do is impeach the president. Oh, that's true to impeach the president. But also or a supporter of it. I'm sorry. I if you if you even if he's going to harp on this FBI thing this Hamilton thing what he should be harping on is why did the FBI set up a sting operation to catch him? Because obviously he's done something guilty somewhere else for the FBI to take a look at it. But it keeps on talking about. You got a free ticket from a lobbyist and alleged lobbyists. Who was really an FBI undercover agent. I'm like stop it. Like, you said Doan cares. It gets lost in the shuffle. It really does and Gillam for his part, which seems to be a very crafty campaign, so far it just does their pretty slick. Every time to Santa's is brought up the getting tickets from an undercover sting operation issue. Every single time, including a Facebook post on Tuesday Gillam said the goal is obviously to use my candidacy is to reinforce frankly, stereotypes about black Ben. Every time he turns it into the race card, and you know, what it's working out, and I can tell you this his camp in I would love to hear for somebody who actually supports Andrew gillum because the only ads I get on my social media accounts. Literally every time I go to Facebook. There's the ad by Andrew gillum wife spending a lot of money at it instantly, pops up it's very effective. And there's that other add of that kid leaving his apartment, and he says, oh, yeah. Seeing that a bunch if you think, blah, blah, blah is gonna listen to you you're wrong, but Bill Nelson and Andrew gillum, and he that's it. Don't that one's for both of them. Yeah. So it's like those those two ads pop up everywhere in all of my feets stop. Well, we're waiting for the update on this. Of course. It'd be after our show is one of the news cycle starts. Is this the bomber? Yeah. Oh, they'll arrest him. Right. Like nine nine fifteen. I figure the middle riches first our grand we're getting ready for Monday. But anyway, you'll hear something pretty soon here because the investigation on these suspicious package is being sent to prominent Democrats focusing now on upper Locka, Florida, south Florida connection because got Miami Dade police. The FBI department of homeland security the postal service's own investigators that male facility there because they think at least some of them went through there all of them. Okay. The the only thing we can be thankful for here was the first of all no one got hurt. Let's start there. But thankfully, right. Yeah. But I mean after all of that and knowing that the bombs were they were meant to explode, but they weren't rigged to explode. If that makes sense, but thank God, criminals are stupid. Thank you. This guy was stupid enough to mail them all through up up Allocco or to mail the period. I hope they catch them within the hour. Get he can't have that. Whatever it is whatever he or she is or they I've never heard of a serial bomber. So I'm assuming it's a guy or maybe it's a bunch of people who knows him. They're idiots whoever. They are. We finally got word on this. We've been talking about this tiger, Phil pay per view. That's going to happen. The day after thanksgiving when we're still all, you know, boozed up and fully trip sitting on the couch watching def match golf, pay per view. It's going to cost nine hundred ninety nine. Oh, that's not bad. It's not like boxing things they cost like a hundred bucks. And it's over in like, two minutes, not being paid for golf. Not gonna do it really the money go to them too. Yeah. Like, they don't need the money. The only cool thing is they're going to be miked up and they can make side bets as they go along. So I like that, you know, this is something I think my dad would watch because he's a big golfer. If you're a big time golfer, you're gonna watch this. Your dad. He too is not going to pay twenty bucks. Yoga. But he'll he'll he'll probably watch like the highlights of it after it's exactly and they're both from south Florida when we get back for thanksgiving. We'll talk about the highlights twenty bucks coming up next. We'll catch up on what is going on. Where are the troops on the border? Where are they headed to? What's the update on that? And we're getting to this damn plane ride if it comes hell or high water most saying that will settle it. Or we'll start the fight. Again. The scariest creepiest Halloween villain of all time. It's next keep.

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