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The brooklyn queens expressway we're looking at the jam cam here northbound side right near a story a boulevard at forty one there is a broken down truck just happens the right lane is blocked on the southbound bq we'd atlantic has that fda activity two lanes are blocked there meanwhile the outbound side of the golan expressway is a mess into the prospect we've got an accident there and we've got two lanes blocked to and speaking of the prospect expressway we've had these big delays all morning long and we still do trying to get up into the prospect ocean parkway is backed up all the way to fort hamilton parkway at least really bad delays trying to get up into the bq we go on his combination that's how bad the delays have been this morning as our starting on staten island so at least starting in jersey anymore like they were before the gospels bridge now it's victory boulevard pretty much into the verrazano slammed across the span all the way through brooklyn out onto the brooklyn bridge here's what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels inbound gw bridge the upper level is thirty the lower level is fortyfive it has hit an hour at the lincoln twenty five at the holland tunnel alternate side in effect i'm karen stewart our next report is eight fifty one on ten ten wins wins news time eight forty two the pregnant actress whose little girl was killed before her is mowed down by a driver in park slope in march has now lost her unborn child it was march fifth when ruthie end miles here four year old daughter a friend and her one year old son were hit by a car fifth avenue and ninth street miles was thirty weeks pregnant her lawyer says her unborn daughter sophia rosemary wong blooming stein died friday another tragedy and what was already a horrific crash has witnesses were called at the time slamming swimming was really really sad it's really sad to talk about police say the driver dorothy bruns had a seizure and ran a red light and allegedly had hit someone last year but was never charged bruns facing manslaughter charges but because of state law she's not expected to face anymore due to the baby's death samantha leap ten wins in park slope wins news time eight forty three now racist rant at a.

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