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The time it's like a similar sense of just feeling that you missed out that you really did see deborah unless nights yeah that was so that's been real the late teenage years of sean michelle basque yet out this weekend up next film club and film clip this week is elizabeth the nineteen ninety eight film that gave cate blanchett her first big role on international stage we have a clip for this part of the historical machinations that went into this beth's rise to rule a chat with mary queen mary as played by kathy burke close up so i might see your face when i look at you i see nothing the king only that whole your mother my father never did anything so as to cut off her head majesty forget he was also my father what do you not confess your crimes against me because you much stay i have committed them you speak with such sincerity i see you still a consummate actress so we said the jenkins couldn't be here today i think let's give him the first word on this you have their beth could you read this out yep he mentions sort of a weird surfeit of bird's eye view shots you can feel secure kaput what embody what beforehand punch even makes crummy scenes like prepping his speech to the bishops seen credible and that i kinda secretly like to the fact that there wasn't really a story just a bunch of things happening after the other but in all amazing shake as for kate blanchett it was obviously a major major star and it's good that she got all the slightly crummy historical john is out of his system i mean that's that's quite comprehensive komen i like the devil used of crummy behind this is such an interesting film that you having done a few of these clubs now from films and different eras this film's twenty years old and feels even more of a timepiece than some films that are older than that right down to the the fact that you know i remember this film coming out it was the same year shakespeare in love which also stars joseph fines and geoffrey rush so it's very confusing seeing them both wearing roughs you expect them to this point where jesse finds readouts philip sidney poem and it's like he's doing sitting there and shakespeare there it's quite confusing it's also just looking at the cast at this point you have lunch blanchett the beginning career you have john gielgud end of his career law downton attenborough towards the end of his career you have eric snow making his international english language debut alongside monkey unions such as christopher eccleston davidson in in a blink and miss cameo slimy daniel craig in there i love the fact that in the way that the credits building this film angus dayton shares slide with trade we have how few next to the future james equally full i'm quite upset the other way too on this could have been hey kid you've been film yeah it was very theatrical i was kind of probably tina and some of the large kind of set pieces very extravagant there was interesting dance routines cool i agree with david you can certainly tell the couple comes from a bully which by ground very lavish very well lit kind of creeper casket in some moments where i felt it almost kind of felt like eyes wide shut in some of the joyce's of writing certainly there's a scene where kate share is sort of psyching himself up to go and face it a room full of bishops that want nothing more than to have her dead the lighting and the the kind of face to camera the staging of that is really extrordinary i'm really chose her flexing her what would grow to be infamous acting muscles and she in turn goes from you know you can see almost like little flickers of emotions weeping before surveys to pharaon rage and being upset you distraught in kind of ping's back and forth it's very interesting she's much more convincing once she gets her act together and starts to really pull the strings of the monarchy and figure out herself the cape lunch we know that it's the the these empowered from that we see in her but she wasn't very convincingly play a clueless innocent woman there is absolutely no this film is so interesting as stated said the old the all these aerial shots high angled shots that show this the scale of these cathedrals.

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