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Maximilian drawing Silverton Woman was the first million dollar winner in Ohio's facts of Million Lottery. Wednesday night marked the fourth week of drawing to now local student has won the other prize, a college scholarship and now our Lucky Ohio student winner is Sean Horning from Cincinnati. Congratulations, Sean, You just want to full four year full right scholarship. To an Ohio public University or college. The winner of the 4th $1 million prize was Suzanne Ward of Finley. The final winners will be announced on June 23rd the deadline to sign up at Ohio maximilian dot com is 11 59 Sunday night. I'm Sean Gallagher, NewsRadio 700 wlw. Kroger, meanwhile, informed the first winners of its vaccination giveaway yesterday, several prizes, including groceries for life in a million dollars were given away. Unlike the vaccine million sweepstakes, though, Kroger is not forcing the winners to come forward publicly now the latest traffic and weather together from the UC Health Traffic Center, you see health urology provides expert care for urologic cases, including prostate conditions, Visit you see health dot com slash services Last urology for details. Looking at some delays. And but actually on state route 60 three's ramp the South 75. They're cleaning up right now. Looks like they have the tractor trailer upright might be a while before you're able to start using the ramp again. You can always use 1 22 or 1 29 to access South 75. You can find delays right now. South 75 coming into downtown broken down here. Ezzard Charles has the two center lanes blocked east to 75 days are broken down on the combs, Hail Bridge Hills Bridge and a wreck on Albarran at West eighth. Jason Erhard on news radio.

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