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That plan to possibly require Kuvin 19 testing for all domestic travelers here in the states, they see the plan would be both impractical and expensive. The major carriers are arguing that the possible move by the Biden administration It will further weaken and already low demand to fly. A travel industry, of course, is among the hardest hit businesses in the pandemic. Even after investing millions into deep cleaning, to convince travelers that it's safe to fly. This week, six major U. S carriers reported losses that amounted to $34 billion last year. Damn man, now the city's for disease Control and Prevention. Issued a mask wearing rule late Friday. The Bills on order announced on January the 21st bite bite him. The rule applies to passengers on airplanes, trains, subways, Busses, taxis right shares. It says travelers must wear a mask that covers their nose in their mouth while riding or while getting on and off the rides. The order extends to waiting areas such as you know. Airports, train platforms, subway stations. The new order takes effect of this morning who Who's not doing that. Yeah, Everybody's doing that every you've had to wear a mask on a plane for months now, sure you've been a guy you've had to work plain a mask in the airport for much now who would be getting on a bus or a train right now without a mask on But You know, I guess the mandate adds some kind of something that kind of freaks people out a little bit or makes them resentful or whatever, but I think we're doing it. I think we're ready. I think so. I think more people are wearing their mask appropriately. And in Austin, maybe a little bit different further out in the hill country. Things live in different out there. Listen. Oh, yes, the wild Wild west. But when you get up in a restaurant as I did the other night, Friday night got up to go the restaurant. Would you go What you got What you want to go to? We read to the grove at Westlake can't go wrong with that I was seen and I saw the place to see and be seen. That's right. Apparently, no. Yeah, or be divorced. That's true. Um But, yeah, you know, we've all done it. You get up to go the restroom in a restaurant or whatever you realize halfway you forgot your mask and you feel like you're the devil. Is that long walk? Yeah, It's the long walk of shame. You go back and you feel horrible. And you think people are judging you? Humiliated. No, That's the thing I don't think people may be thinking about. I hope they're not. I hope I hope there's no one going over there don't mess with. Yeah, but, yeah, show we're doing it. We're doing it. But I guess some being mandated freak some people out. I don't know. I guess so. So Donald Trump has named a couple of lawyers for his impeachment trial. And, Yeah, the former president has two new lawyers for the second in case Uh, David shown and Bruce Castor Junior will now head the legal team after five members of Trump's defense team left over the weekend. One source says one point of friction with the previous team was Trump wanted the attorneys to focus on his election fraud claims rather than the constitutionality of the you know, convicting. A former president, in a statement really shown, said it's an honor to represent 45th President Donald J. Trump and the United States Constitution, while Castor called it a called it a privilege, so it's business as usual. In the end in the Trump office. What do you mean? They've already had? They've already had a shift in staff already. That's how it works. But you know what? I've never had a problem with that. It looks It always looks a little bit. Suspect list looks a little bit sloppy or things or are, you know just chaos. But the thing is, if things aren't going well. He wants something better. And he wants it now. Yeah, So there you go. James and Cedar Park. Good morning. Good morning, and this is a really good time for you guys Because you guys have you just covered a lot of different topics. I want to go back a few of the Simpson County. That's what we do is go ahead. It is a fine time that whether it's the state leaders, the count leaders just draw the lines consistent where the city of Boston is for Travis County, and then it's clear that Williamson County begins here if it's In Cedar Park. You're talking around rock. It gets messy over even in the food, revealing and like you mentioned, it's been a problem for years. This this is just a mess. That would be a first unrelated to the homeless problem, And there was homeless solutions. There are private businessmen that are actually working. Assed private companies. The private sector can come up with solutions and they've got little small villages where they're helping people like Turner on their lives, not just homeless services, but also job hunting skills and training and rehabilitation programs that they get some funding and assistance from government grants. But these are private citizens, I think somewhere Might be Christian or into groups and others might be atheist, But they're working together to come into the solutions that are so much better than the government. Yeah, there's there's a big vote this week. Well, tomorrow actually and Williamson County is calling for a delay in Austin's votes. Or at least purchase of that Candlewood suites in the northwest side of town in district six. Big protest, you know, right outside the hotel? Sure, yesterday Share a driveway with the Hampton Sweets in which will you know they feel it will destroy their hotel as well. Well, there's that and then to wait to close to residential way too close to free this restaurant a long time Austin staple. Yeah, it's well, It's right there next to well, it's just a blocks away, really walking distance from Lake Line mall. Well, there's there's which, by the way, It's practically empty. Yeah. You got room right there. I mean, you could turn the shears into a homeless shelter. You could write. You could get a food court. You've got restrooms. You know that sort of thing. That's right. Nobody. I mean, what's wrong with that? I mean, if you're willing to purchase the hotel, what's wrong with raining, You know, purchasing a big box anchor store them all. It would be if you're gonna put it in the people's neighborhood anyway. Why? Why not? In the long run, it would be less expensive. Maybe so, Hey, interesting story. I think this is out of Yeah, I guess it's out of New York. Are you familiar with soul cycle you familiar with soul so cycle of it, Z stationary bike class and you watch a video of somebody leading the class soul cycle. It's I guess it's kind of like pellet on. Okay. Yeah, well, there's a 52 year old soul cycle instructor in New York, and she received her covert 19 vaccination, and she's catching a bunch of heat on social media. Stacy Griffin. She shared the news on Instagram. But You got a lot of criticism for getting the vaccine. While there's a shortage in New York City, she's a healthy young woman. Griffin said that her job qualifies her as an educator because she teaches fitness classes and has has been interacting with large groups daily. That's what she says. Uh, now New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio's even critical. I don't think someone who shows up and says Hey, I'm a soulcycle instructor should be qualified..

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