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The with the Saturday cyber division is sort of attract people from different jobs. Like not your sex military type of demographics flu left field and it worked in a salt. That like those type of people to come in and everybody has this idea that if you're in the military you're gonna be out fielder stuff is that is not everybody's job number two. We're just talking about that like literally. What yesterday the day before they brought these dudes in from cyber south field cyber is and their trust you? It's it's like the most additive branch shelter now in terms of in terms of what they do urges let civilians to accept what I'm probably hearing from. This maddest thing I think is that they understand it. There's probably a pool of individuals that are better suited or be thinking other they want to bring in a central tract greytown. I think it's smart and got of all. Yeah I mean I think the real the big thing now is that they're trying to hold onto what they have. Because you see a Lotta guys from our generation that Kinda did Maybe maybe nine years ten years were Kinda like for me a buddy that we follow on instagram He was in ranger bat up at Lewis and he was like. Yeah Man. This is just not for me anymore. Like I'm just I there's no re I don't have any stay in. I don't have the drive anymore. He got out and lives in Pittsburgh now and he Trains people on weapon systems. But I I think a lot of guys from the combat idolise were taking just feels that they were learning in the army and hopping out Glenn civilian side with it because it wasn't making much sense to stay in at the point. Yes yes he does back to for Florida. Are you drinking injuring Lacroix. You know I am do happy..

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