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This is the atlanta journal constitution. It's friday august twentieth. Here's today's news governor. Brian kemp signed an executive order yesterday. That bars local governments from forcing private businesses to enact vaccine requirements indoor capacity limits and mask rules aimed at stemming the spread of the corona virus pandemic under the order. Private businesses could still choose to require vaccines or masks or limit capacity to reduce the spread of the virus but cam said at aims to ban local governments from enacting ordinances. That require them to do so. Kemp's executive order comes as a growing number of cities impose mask mandates during a fourth wave of the disease georgia recently surpassed one million confirmed corona virus infection since the pandemic start with most of the recent cases involving residents who refused to get vaccinated in other news. Janet bruce a longtime science teacher at grace in highschool in gwinnett county recently died of cova nineteen. That's according to her family. She was fifty years old. Bruce's niece mackenzie harrison. Who's a special education teacher at grayson. High said this was so sudden and unexpected and truly a tragedy for our family. Harrison said that her aunt janet bruce reported to work on july twenty six to get ready for the new school year more than a week before school buildings open to students. She felt sick two days later and was hospitalized. Later that week. She never returned to her classroom and died. August twelfth harrison said. Bruce lived in lawrenceville with her husband. Chris bruce who is hospitalized with cove at nineteen but is progressing and their thirteen year. old daughter. janet. Bruce is also survived by a son a civil engineer who lives in polar as well as her parents to siblings and many extended family members in other news. Georgia now has one of the highest voter registration rates in the nation with ninety five percent of citizens over eighteen years old signed up to vote. That's according to federal election. Data released this week. The number of georgia voters has jumped since two thousand sixteen when the state started automatically registering voters when they obtained driver's licenses many of those who aren't registered to vote or ineligible because they're serving felony sentences according to data from twenty nineteen compiled by reform georgia criminal justice advocacy organization over two hundred. Sixty five thousand georgians couldn't vote because they were incarcerated serving parole or on felony probation and the atlanta police department is set to look into installing video surveillance cameras in more of the city's parks following the fatal stabbing of catherine janice in piedmont park. The city has nine cameras inside piedmont park but the technology is obsolete and they are connected to the police. Departments video integration center. That's what the city's chief operating officer. John keane said at an august third press conference keen said. Investigators are still working to determine if they can pulled any evidence from the cameras which were installed over ten years ago. No suspects have been publicly identified but police officials say that the case is a priority for investigators spoken layer..

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