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And I don't know I can't honestly cannot believe that after five days of acting like a real precedent or trying to act like a real president that Donald Trump seems to have lost his taste for this and is now telling people were going to be back at work in two weeks. We we just need better than that right now. We just do. What is he missing? What are all the people who are looking at these unprecedented economic consequences over two million people filing for unemployment? Who Warrant two weeks ago? Who are looking at something much worse than a recession and saying is this really worth it. What are they missing? The hardest thing in politics is to force pain now to prevent more pain later and it's not that they're missing something exactly. It's they're living in the present and not in the future. What Donald Trump would any political leader any leader needs to do in an organization is live somewhat in the future is see where things are going and work backwards from there so the organization is prepared that organization a country or a company. That is what we are doing. Even Vox media right now. We are trying to think about what all this is gonNA mean for business and trying to work backwards to how we need to prepare. Donald trump is a very present focused person and he runs a very present focused administration. And what is happening? Right now is that they are feeling the pain of social distancing and it is real pain the unemployment filings the GDP projections. It is real pain. Suffering it is a horror what he is not able to feel yet and so he's not truly responding to is the kind of economic social political and human pain of this disease flying out of control of what it will mean if you can't go deliver a baby or get treated for heart condition because you're stepping over bodies in the hospital infectious bodies of what it will mean if we have a national shortage of nurses doctors respiratory therapists etc that. He is responding to the political pressure on him now and the things that he can feel now the pain we are causing now. As opposed to the pain we are trying to prevent and if every epidemiologist and public health expert and frankly even just what we're seeing in other countries is right. The pain we're trying to prevent is a lot worse now. We can't ignore the pain we would cause on the way. We need more stimulus. We need economic support. We need to have the political imagination and will ambition to make this possible. We are not going to get out of this without real economic damage. Either way that is built in but we could get out of it with a lot of humanity A lot of social support we could also if we had anywhere near the kind of imagination required for crisis like this we could get out of it with a better structure for our economy altogether right. It could be that out of this. People GET GUARANTEED PAID. Leave as every other industrialized country has guaranteed health care. I mean you could imagine using this as a moment to say. Oh we are so interdependent that we can't just have solidarity in the moments of crisis we need to have it all the time. It's not that it would stop people from losing their jobs. It's not that stimulus or basic income. Payments are going to stop them from hurting. We're not gonNA stop the hurt here but we can do a lot to build better structures to protect people from it now and in the future.

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