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I'll put him in lock him in. I've everyone host. He kiss hated more. Coop is all year. Tony. There's still hasn't do cheap. They expect him. Here's my concern with Robert woods, and I really like Robert woods. But I mean, he's predominantly kind of basically since Cooper Cup got hurt. Largely. They moved Robert woods inside to the slot. And then Josh Reynolds, but on the outside and the Cowboys have to pretty good slot corners. Anthony Brown's good in the slot. Like the Cowboys actually, it's one of their better defensive things. I think the Cowboys I mean Deka you wrote about how like the Cowboys defense verse play action sub optimal the Rams, right? Run more plaque than anybody in the league. I mean, it's one of the most in heavy offense has ever. That's why I wanted to get around receiver in there. So I'm concerned about the Rams receiver though, whether we can predict it that's how I feel about the saints wide receivers. That's why I kind of don't want anyone on the saints because they spread it around too much. I don't think you can bet on one person even Michael Thomas. Micheal Thomas, is that a lot of dads. Yeah. I agree. I could talk off Thomas, especially to tyreek hill, which was Fresno. And had he's another guy who can put up four point weeks. Yeah. I don't know. I don't know if I wanna spend all my money on a guy who can put up four points when I can honestly get somebody much cheaper with a much higher floor like alshon Jeffery who said fifty yards or touchdown each of the past five games. I don't love alshon jet. I mean, he's a guy who kind of I don't think he matches up with a well-designed secondary. So here, here's here's one stat for the Saint secondary. I think their thirtieth again Devi away against him one receiver thirty first individually against number two receivers. So they have struggled. You know that they've cleaned up their defense quite a bit in the second half of the season. But they still struggled against receivers specially top two guys. So that's why I had aga- Lor on my list on then we have the full stack with Jeffrey. Yeah. Foes, I have full Jeffrey and tape because I think the eagles either it's going to be garbage time or it's going to be. Close shootout. You guys are out on the Rams receivers. It's nothing. I'm out on the Rams receiver just feel anyway by the saints or I don't know who's going to do what? The saints. I'm more confident that it'll be Michael Thomas, and then other people I mean, this was the saints eagles. The first round was the trick wants myth breakout game..

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