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B. m. e. since the start of the twenty nine thousand nine season. Jose altuve is four grand slams the second most in major league baseball over that span play of the day brought to you by 'em dry boost and burn the supplement that can help shed pounds build muscle visit him. Dr dan dot com get free shipping. Sixty day guarantee. Don't let age beach. You refined your prime with them drive. Every time i see the astros do something well in particular jose altuve. I always come back to. Why did you guys need help or think you needed help during that season when you cheated. It's it's one of those that the and maybe it's the situation where you go. We don't need to cheat but we can cheat. And why would we pass up this opportunity and we're not going to get caught and if we do get caught the players association's go to protect us. I i don't know how much thought was given to it. But when i have astros fans who say hey. How do you know that they cheated. You know. look at what they're doing. Whatever that is. And i understand that. But i always go back to. Why didn't you do it in the first place. If you're so damn good. And i don't know what that does to jose. Altuve as hall of fame career says six time all star like. He's he's an mvp but it feels like the face of cheating and he's the face of that and he's still there. I mean for the most part springer laughed craze there. Brackman's there but i don't know i i always go back and say why it's like barry bonds you go. Why well he was getting a little bit older. And i think he was bothered by mark. Maguire and sammy sosa. Getting all the attention and mcguire and sammy. The sports illustrated's sportsman of the year. I think bonds looked at that. And said you gotta be kidding me. The okay and was told this now i was told this by two people who were there and bonds was bond said. Hey watch what i can do right. Lance armstrong did the same thing. Everybody's cheat. Oh you wanna see what i can do. I'll be the best cheater. And i think that's what happened with bonds if it's like oh okay you think those guys are great. I'm the best player. i'll show you what i can do on steroids. But you know there were two people. And they were in florida and i guess having some cocktails and talking and all of a sudden barry bonds became the new and improved very bonds. Jesse in la. Just what's on your mind eddie. Be meet having eaten positively friday. of course Can you guys have charles on every day. That guy so good My questions regarding shohei ohtani Bercy that connection you guys been planning it. Sounds like it golf driver when he slashes so fascinating but something that i didn't think to ask on a show until you guys brought up the other days you only as next year and this year on his contract young and he's drastically underpaid i performance right now so obviously i'm hoping we'll go to the dodgers because he wants to get paid the most turn the postseason but So i was wondering. Is it more conducive for him to play in. The national league pitchers required about. Isn't that even more of an advantage for him and the dog is when he comes better from the in the american league. Stay safe this weekend. Happy for you'll have any jason pierre paul incident guys. Thank you jessie. I think it's probably smarter for shohei to stay in the american league. He can be a page. I think you're going to get to the point where you just have to say. You know we're not gonna have a mrs starting pitcher like it's so hard factor this in the other night at yankee stadium. It's extremely hot. And he has to prepare as a pitcher and then as a hitter. Like you're you're batting leadoff and then all of a sudden you have to go out to the mound it. It's just too much to ask for. Anybody and i know we like it. The novelty of it we talk about it. It's fascinating but he has a chance to be one of the great homerun hitters of this era. I don't think he can be one of the great pitchers of this era. Just don't one of our favorite guests channing. Frye will join us coming up he. He's one of the stars of bosh. Jamie hector he was also on the wire. He'll join us in frank. Kaminsky of the phoenix suns stops by busy. Show coming up short to catch the live edition of the dan. Patrick show weekdays at nine. Am eastern six am pacific on fox sports radio in the iheartradio app pros communes hanging the chandler said visas exclusive of and lows. No so of resembles clavel's then recited compromise. These pilots with us. He tangus thaddeus into remorse by the pros on the wing. Decompress apparently peer-to-peer recess. You know maybe then then hit up another penalty. I keep through the sms rap yopougon hero solo but a pros so lows as hell knew of all those pros solar and stellar srinivas. One tree hill obsessed our brooke peyton and haley. Your bff goals join sophia bush. 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