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A highly emissions than originally right she's service nugent and but royal he i ashes great it was cool seeing her and like a sexy you are all yehiya like he wouldn't like yeah i thought that was me because like she's she's such a great actress and here too she's really good like she's really interesting looking at and and it's very like very sexy but for for films of that time you wouldn't you wouldn't think that they would cast this this i am very specific looking irish actress and not part you'd think they'd catholica yeah i will arm no one heather heather locklear there's just kinda look dinosaur like she has like a like a prominent nose and i wonder if that's maybe y yo she ios is very interesting at i wonder if perhaps they had desiring that you were sender english the direct endure yeah so i wonder if perhaps they had a uh relationship with her arms of a working relationship on a previous project that letting the direct something or thus and she also had a nail that house paint and one in this means she is linked raxen was over the media and i think she was tuesday different person an analyst everything that was still great like a shoe sussex has got a great movie death now to blast smith will she's got a great back honor a there said after the deaths were m luigi creeps cheery makes an impression it is like uh that was miss beyond that they can give shows karcher enough pace awesome on reasoning that i'm i was kinda like newlyacqired that that this can after shoulder his leg do that some bad taste.

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