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As a member of Warner media. Nice. I'm glad. Nice is looking sick. But you know, what the most common there's two very common responses to the director one was like people being like, hey, I redesigned sonic. And then this. The other responses people being like. I hope you don't make your animators work too hard. It's like now suddenly people are concerned about like labor because they're like this movie's coming out in November, you got to redesign, sonic and. Now, you're going to put too much pressure on your enemies. It's like. I mean, I've never I haven't seen like people care about labor rights in places where they should. But now, we're worried that people that are making sonic. The hedgehog are worried about them. Anyways. I'm trying to say take a breath internet. You got him ventures and game of thrones battle winter fell in the same week. You're weird nerd. You should you should have cleared the pipes by now, you shouldn't have this much anger left to be angry about sonic, the hedgehog. One of our streets stranger completed areas. But I liked it JD. Let's fire the gun. Speaking of movies, I've been dodging spoilers left and right CNN game on Sunday morning nine thirty can't wait. But got me thinking about some NBA spoilers. I like to hear like Derek Rosebud was his sled. Yeah. You can do it. You can do it. Okay. Simple. Spoiler right here. Austin carr. Cars spoilers..

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