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Live from npr news in washington i'm korva coleman the trump administration is going to bring back a reagan administration rule governing federal family planning funds it would block federal funding from going to groups that either provide abortions or refer patients elsewhere for abortions this concerns the federal program called titled ten in offers low income people contraception and other reproductive health services abortion rights advocates say this will harm reproductive health care for low income patients china's government has contradicted news reports and says it has not offered to cut its trade surplus with the us by two hundred billion dollars npr's rob schmitz explains various news eyelids citing anonymous sources reported thursday that china offered to meet president trump's demand of the trade surplus cut which included increased purchases of american goods but chinese foreign ministry spokesman liu cong in a daily news briefing in beijing said these claims were not true lou called the claims rumors adding that consultations between trade delegations from both the us and china were ongoing and our constructive without going into further detail trump has long criticized china's growing trade surplus with the us which stood at three hundred and seventy five billion dollars last year it's spurred under propose import tariffs on a number of chinese goods triggering fears of a global trade war rob schmitz npr news shanghai meanwhile china's says it's calling off an investigation into whether the us is dumping the grain sorghum into its country china's says the investigation won't be in the public interest some observers suspect it's a response to president trump's offer to help chinese tech companies e t american companies are banned from selling technology to the chinese firm for seven years chinese trade officials are in washington for meetings german chancellor angela merkel will meet with russian president vladimir putin in the black sea resort of sochi today npr sarai.

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