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Six point seven k rock has karaoke. You this is the Kevin and bean show. It is six minutes after seven o'clock cypress hill in ten minutes are very excited about that. I though Jim gaffe, again joins us one of our favorite comedians and actors good morning, Jim. Are very similar to cypress hill. Are you how exactly? Well, you know, we're both on during seven AM. Right. He has a point. That's enough. And we also we shop in the same grocery store here. You. Jeff is calling. Doing. Well. How are you? Okay. I know I'm sorry about that. All comedians. They come on our show hate it. Just because of the time it's just a horrible time for comedians to come on. I also think. Two movies premiering in the same weekend. Right. I mean, this is I feel like you're busy. And you gotta be waking up early Sundays. I know I know. Yeah. No. That's well, that's the worst part of acting is waking up. That's the worst part of parenting. That's the worst part about life. I think everything's just. Back to like noon. So happy with choir. Yeah. That'd be so great. But I am I am excited. I have two films that are at the Los Angeles film festival. One tonight in Culver city and the New York right in one tomorrow night at the Arclight in Santa Monica movie comedy.

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