Pentagon, Georgia, Savannah International Airport discussed on Orlando's Morning News with Joe Kelley


From the pentagon this morning and we learn to find out more about this plane that crashed in georgia yesterday nine servicemembers killed and elizabeth we now know that they were from the puerto rican national guard hey good morning joe guests they were from the puerto rican national guard this was a c one thirty really large aircraft this is a cargo plane that crashed right on a highway outside of the savannah international airport and the debris field is just massive two fields by two football fields really large area that they're going to have to come through and they're not going to release the names of these five servicemembers until their next of kin have been notified and they were on a mission to to retire this plane heading from savannah tarazona with where they typically retire old aircraft we don't know exactly how old this plane was but yes apparently this could be the last flight a really tragic way for it to end and the puerto rico national guard was actually using this plane during the hurricane season that just came through so this was a plane that was carrying necessary supplies generators to people who need that neither of them after the hurts they were helping get people out of out of puerto rico getting people out of the us virgin islands head of the hurricanes after the hurricanes there i and it was a real workhorse of a plane and four for its its final flight to to be so deadly just it's heartwrenching for for everybody i'm sure here involved absolutely and i mean you guys are also familiar in florida of this uptick in aviation accidents of military aviation accidents you had in key west to those naval aviators who passed away when there's f eighteen super hornet crashed and so this has been a unfortunately a trend that we're seeing in the military of a lot of these aviation incidents that we think could be related to the budget cuts that have only recently been restored through the new budget passed by congress recently and it leads to things like old aircraft lagging maintenance and less white hours for these pilots from the pentagon this morning abc's elizabeth mclaughlin on the latest on that plane crash in georgia.

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