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Is our producer. Dave harmon likes to get my ear. Every time you suggest that there's something erratic about scorecard and he'll go. That's one that was speaking of dave harmon. He worked for probably twenty five years with harold. Letterman howard was an excellent judge and yet he of course we all know harold through the years on. Hbo where you'd say. Well you didn't get that one right harold you can just kinda either miss it or love. The aggressors see love. Yeah so it's it's not only subjective. Which is something we always say. I'm saying what we even our our ability to process what happened in the ring and the damage that was done in or scoring blows in scoring area is exceedingly difficult because we're doing mental math in our head for three minutes with high speed data collection in front of us. And what i'm saying. Humans are capable of doing it even the most controversial scorecards package bradley one. Whichever one was the worst ever. And i did not see it that way. I went back and restored the fight and i said okay. I'm completely comfortable with my card but there are times where you can look back. Oh well i didn't know if i'd seen it that way. Now i'm gonna go back and watch cannella caliber smith outside sage background. Or maybe you're right. Maybe we have an expectation and when actually all comes down to is not. Who is the. Who's a showing ring generalship and owning the geography. How many scoring blows your landing. And how much damage are you doing. That's actually what the sport is supposed to be about what the judging comes down to completely. I brian kenny. Is fox sports fox. Sports pay per view on saturday. Manny pacquiao against your dana yougov. The welterweight title. We're all cut up excited about pam spence. That was a big deal. Kind of king-making mome for spence. Last stand for packing. But this is a real fight credits. Bbc for having hugo's as the co main event ready to step up who is a legitimate world champion. He is legitimate top fighter as you look at this main event. What's the biggest wildcard for you. What's the question that you have the unknown that you're waiting to see play out in the ring. Well there's a number of things one is packing house age. Obviously which we look like a complete two years ago when he fought thurman but it was not right so now we're expecting okay so we'll see that version patio. Whoa it's two years later. Maybe we won't then again. Maybe we will. Maybe he is more of an ageless guy. And he's defied everything that binds human beings to the earth to this point anyway so maybe he is kind of that. Same springy out. Freddie roach seems extremely confident backyard. Talk to him. This week seems extremely confident. Maybe they're fooling themselves. Maybe they're not so that's the first thing the age the other part is right. Who is world class man and the last three fights he's had he's fought guys. Mike dallas was one right. He's fourt- guys that i liked right abel ramos and he's beaten these guys easy easy. He is smooth with a double jab. He has real pop so he's kind of like an laura right handed version with power which is a great great fighter so the question is is he just going to like just really a younger guys. Not that young but he's much younger than patio is his ability to box. We'll we'll that. Just carry the day and we'll paki out actually not be able to solve that puzzle even regardless of being forty two very possible and i think you know you're you're dead on with your sensibility. Once you get past the disappointment of spence pack. Yeah that was so great. It's okay fighting yoga's oh that's a great fight and yougov could win that fight no question no question about it and i believe the age thing is the biggest variable all this two years removed from his last five forty two years old at some point. Father time comes a calling for you. I'm less concerned. About the idea. Of switching from south padre orthodox that thing it's like when people ask lebron james but how defense defenses a throwing at you. You've seen everything so it's not like something's going to confuse you. He's truly truly not concerned about that. In fact is just more of kind of a stable conventional boxer of again. I thought manny and freddie roach. Were oddly confident this week. Now it's their job to feel confident of what they were. They were portraying it. In freddie saying i think he stops this guy mike really okay. You know. many usually doesn't hasn't stopped guys like this for a while. Not at one forty seven given that he probably should be fighting at one thirty. You know so. He usually doesn't do that but they're very confident. But the yugoslav. I've seen again. He's won eleven of twelve and one he lost. He probably didn't lose to sean porter. And that's sean porter who lost razor close to aerospace. And i mean some people thought he won that fight right. So thurman porter hugo's are basically at the same level. And maybe that's a hair below spence and crawford. Maybe maybe not. We won't know until we see everybody with a steady diet of each other and we've only started to see that the with spence fighting porter which was a barn burner of a fight. Does this and it's a better conversation if it was packed over suspense. But paco beat us at forty two as you start to create your mythical pound for pound list of all time like does that. Elevate him even more in your mind. Beating a guy like your davis gas or do you have to spend to kind of take a big leap to the next level. No he he. If patio was an all time great. And i don't know where exactly if he doesn't move up to fight oscar de la hoya like he's he's there with erik morales and marco antonio barrera vika that. It's unbelievable he's he's like one of the great featherweights in junior lightweights of all time freddy had a good line too early to fridays. Like people come up with me and say i've got the next many pack out. There will be no other many patio. The eight weight division world champion will not be another fire that does are you buying the eight like it could be coming out not do that weight classes up. Yeah like they're awake. Lessees has never been the real champion but all right so what. I'm not going down this rabbit always with like know but it's but you know we did this with this again. Let me give you an example. All right here's where where you're wrong and as a sooner or later you're gonna have to assume the responsibility of keeping things. He told me i'm wrong. This feels like like victor ortiz. Now is is in their vitor former welterweight. Champion was victorious. Ever the welterweight. Champion wasn't amman. He was the champion. He's he's he. Think what you just said. While many patio and floyd mayweather in our in the division. No like that you can. But it's hard to kind of say or during the time patio inmate within the division not fighting each other. Who was the welterweight you had right. Because also mayweather had mayweather had never retired. And that sorta thing. it's like no no no. He's the champ. I really try to observe the obvious champ because there are so many things look i can go back to you know. Livingstone bramble raymond. Seaney when elliot. Livingstone bramble rebel but back in the seventies and eighties. There were two champs. Like googling seemed confused. You don't remember living grandpa. That sounds like a dickens character. Livingstone bramble beat mancini. From the lightweight. Title i was in the gym and catskills. Livingstone bramble years later..

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