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Ninety six point one FM. Sunny and sixty a chilly start. And then it'll be a pleasant day upper sixties tomorrow with sunshine, mid fifties. Wednesday, low fifty Thursday, mid fifties. On Friday looks like a dry week in a week with every day time high well below average except for tomorrow, which is close to average from twelve I'm meteorologist Andrew freidan on NewsRadio eleven forty W R V A and now ninety six point one FM from the pearsonhunter dot com weather center. It's sunny in thirty five in Innsbruck, NewsRadio W R V time. Eight thirty one. Thirty year old formerly Davis teacher. Christopher Brennan is expected to plead guilty later this afternoon in federal court to hacking celebrity's former students and former teacher workers the plead calls for about a three year sentence. He worked at Davis from twenty thirteen to twenty fifteen the value of the celebrity photographs. He got was reportedly over five grand just because it's been raining forever. This year doesn't mean there isn't any wildfire concern this fall. In fact, the state forestry departments. Fred Turk says it'll only take a dry week to create a good deal of fuel common. That's the biggest thing we want people to recognize the weather conditions. You know, when we had several days without rain than we know that we need to be a little more cautious. If it's a windy day, then we can postpone that burn until until the Windsor down. He also says this falls hurricanes have put a lot of fuel on the ground as well. Caravan migrants, mostly from Honduras has made its way into Mexico and is continuing its quest to get asylum in the US, President Trump on the campaign trail in Nevada promising to greet thousands of Central American migrants, the US Mexico border. I will seal off the border before they come into this country without any proof. The president blaming Democrats for the caravan the Democrats want caravans they liked the caravans a lot of people say I wonder who started that caravan. The president also threatened to cut off aid to several Central American countries. If the caravan continues, Kenneth Moton, ABC news, Washington, the unemployment rate in Virginia now down to two point nine percent. The lowest level since June two thousand seven the economic job picture in Virginia stayed very similar to last month. But more people drop out of the workforce. And because they dropped out of the workforce, the unemployment rate decreased Virginia employment commissions camera Buckler were. Where there was growth surprisingly in September was tourism and hospitality, which Buckler attributes to conferences up near DC a Saudi officials now offering a new explanation for how Washington Post columnist Jamaca shaggy died at the consulate and Instanbul. This comes as President Trump appears to be changing course accusing the Saudis deception and lies ABC's Mollie hunter reports from Instanbul days after blaming a fist fight for his death. As Saudi official now tells ABC news, there was a physical altercation when kashogi tried to leave the consulate and one of the accused suspects pleased him in a chokehold, according to the Saudi official that chokehold is what killed him this same Saudi officials says they don't know where kashogi body is. And that some local cooperator took his body for disposal. Another Saudi official told Reuters his body was rolled up in a rug. Meanwhile, CNN is reporting there was a body double among the Saudi team of fifteen suspected of being involved in Khashoggi's death. The. Man is seen on video shown on the network wearing where to cure appears to be because Chinese close in about thirty people have been taken to hospitals after a floor collapsed during a party at a condominium clubhouse in South Carolina near the campus of Clemson, dozens of people tumbled into the basement one partygoer says people were jumping when.

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