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Ninety one. I'm Dave Uram supports brought to you by your Mercedes Benz tristate dealers. The Robinson Keno Edwin DS trade for the Mets is expected to be official tomorrow. Mariners also reportedly setting twenty million dollars metric giving up. Jay, Bruce, Anthony sport, Zachary prospects. Notably Jared, Kelly and Justin done. Knicks rally by the bucks at the garden. One thousand six hundred thirty four and not Damian dots and hit the game winning three. Not after Emmanuel moody as three eight the end of regulation forced the extra session. Kevin Knox rookie career high twenty game playoff team. We just came here. We just followed kept Kapiti knocked out some big shots. My player teammate. They're not done. A lot of great shots. Mediate dot town. We play really water team collectively. So psyche building from losing streaks at six lost to the wizards one zero two eight eighty eight islanders came back in the blue jackets at the old barn. Three to Casey's Zeke is the deciding tally in the third home from practice this morning people in the parking lot at eleven thirty in the morning. As for walnut. Different atmosphere. That was crazy. Now, something that we built off of electrified atmosphere. Calcium last night. Rangers lost the Montreal five. Two devils fell to the jets and not in Newark for three college football playoff selection shows today at noon, Alabama got by Georgia in the SEC title game, thirty five twenty eight but BULLDOGS head coach Kirby smart things they should be in the four best teams or not. It's that simple. They said it home last year. I got to go to the game beating each other up and they had a good football team. Give that coach cross Sadler vote per. He doesn't wanna put he'll start with us. The promise you don't wanna play the house. Look, the big ten Clemson, the ACC, Oklahoma. The big twelve giants got the barest today at MetLife one o'clock in the fan. Giants gloom date eleven thirty jets titans 4:05 from Tennessee. And if I know we're seeing Rappaport reported the jets are expected to start..

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