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Turns out it's an acronym for african american vernacular english you know gave that will saying that actual back people have been using conversation all the time and he wasn't he was saying look. This gets bombed. I'm used to that. I meant no offense to a community. I love 'ave abe to the moon quote unquote. So i mean people just have to get upset about stuff man like this is a comedy show. You're supposed to do things. Poorly dr jokes. It's not. I mean this is just people getting frustrated unecessarily and i find a community that michael j. She wrote it because that made it even better for whoever was offended on that side. Focus on the big stuff man again eve. Did you even able and of saint either. But yeah i didn't know it was the thing and i don't know why should be a thing but just you know people and people in the community were upset. So i'll just. I guess i'm going to keep going. Finally goddamn sweating over good man confederate memorial day. Oh my god you went right there. Sorry guys go ahead me. Take down this path. We actually have frigging states in this country that celebrate confederate memorial day. Some of them are actual. You know some of them are are more so sort. I'm looking for racist. no. I'm sorry go. He's right under loud drag top right. It was the other thing. Whatever because you're just more conceptual but they are actual holidays. Were government offices are closed the gadget to celebrate confederate memorial day. South carolina is closing on may tenth think was which would by it closed. Oh yes yes. Indonesia even by the coordinate..

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