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Anybody out danny matthews royals radio i blown safer handed twenty-three chances royals over the indians eight to six braves over the cubs three to to my cal franko the go ahead two run homer for the second straight game the phillies beat the mets seven to five max scherzer struck out ten in eight innings nationals over the marlins six to one the dodgers the one seven out of eight they beat the diamondbacks three two two giants doubled up the rockies four to two astros five pirates one mariners beat the brewers eight to three cardinals lost the as seven to three and officially lost closer jordan hicks who will have tommy john surgery angels beat the reds five to one tigers lost to the rangers five three detroit it's dropped eighteen of its last twenty n._f._l. news bengals first round big joe williams will likely miss all of his rookie season after undergoing shoulder surgery he was expected to be their starting left tackle n._b._a. the rockets or report woodley exploring a sign and trade deal ed jimmy butler messiah jiri staying with the raptors as their president of basketball operations and there will be a deciding game three in the college world series championship because vanderbilt beat michigan for two one i'm brad heller this is jim rome join me in the jungle weekdays from twelve to three eastern right here on c._b._s. sports radio Get to the back end of the work. welcome to the hub show on after hours this is our middle show and so we wanted to give you a little bit of something to shove you over the hulme thank you i'm not sure i could do it without blushing what isn't song being uh-huh they got you no one knows what it means but it's provocative with all the joke all the junk inside my trump my home my lovely lady home it's home show kidding you to the good half of your week it's the hump show on after hours Thank you. as always i appreciate your questions for asking me anything and i do try to go back to our facebook page and your twitter questions to answer some of the ones that chris didn't have a chance to include sometimes my stories get long winded he gets long winded let's just the honest chop chop chris has not been a pete fincen chris are you mad are you mad bro wait what you mad bro matt about what 'cause i told you chop chop nah i gotta keep moving okay good on air chris keeping it moving he's going to be part of our video version of asking me anything as will dave so they're going to be stars in our next youtube video it's very exciting i'm looking forward to that so if you have any last minute questions or you think your question is the best and the most unique you can send those continue to send those to our show twitter after our c._b._s. or on our facebook page because we won't do that till later in the week also the number of you who are sending me tweets or facebook posts about please don't eat my dog Okay. Thank you. if you missed that earlier in the show just go get the podcast we had a caller who who may have broken the bank He will definitely be reappearing in thumb type of production down the road. But yes. I promise you at no point ever, will I be eating my dog? it takes all kinds of peeps it takes all kinds we're inside the rocket mortgage by quicken loans studio rocket mortgage is with you every step of the way to provide a seamless mortgage experience it's after hours with amy lawrence all kinds of things happen when we're on the air in our hump show which means it's even crazier and so we're we're happy to have you along alongside with us we are talking kind of a hodgepodge major league baseball right about the midway point if you're talking about numbers of gains in fact the dodgers are exactly at the midway point as are other members of the l. west and after eighty one games the dodgers are fifty five and twenty four their best record at the halfway point going back to nineteen seventy four and so they have come up with this incredible first half and yet the dodgers know better than anyone that an historic pace awesome regular season accomplishment the chiefs meet a whole lot of nothing if you can't finish october as the last team standing but still it's pretty incredible what they're doing especially when they've got a bunch of rookies who are absorbing regular time in the lineup also my my mom was at the astros game last night and it was a hoot to get her texts i was worried about her though because she was texting me while sitting fifty feet up the first base line which as she called it was lying dr city she said thankfully the guy next to me has glove okay mom anyway she loves the train at minute maid park and she really liked the fireworks and she enjoyed seeing jose altuve a._m. closed because he was right there she was just off the field and he came over after warm-ups and she loved the home runs and so thank you to the astros for putting on a good show for my mom who doesn't go to many sporting events but will not forget her trip to minute maid park the yankees set the new major league baseball home run record twenty eight consecutive games with dinger but even though it wasn't the record setter this was probably the key moment for people who follow the yankees or for the yankees organization itself on tuesday night the one swung on.

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