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All just ahead on one oh six nine am seven forty k c cbs coming up on kcbs cal fire says pg need did cause some of those fires in the north bay the verdict still out though on some of the other fires kcbs news time is two forty five time now for sports with caroline burns justified led from start to finish to win the one hundred fiftieth belmont stakes and in doing so he becomes just the thirteenth horse to win the coveted triple crown bob baffert became the second trainer to win the triple crown twice he did so with american pharaoh in two thousand fifteen ending a thirty seven year drought of triple crown winners we've ever gets old american farrell hill always be my first love and i do it for mike smith mike smith this current he he deserves something like this at fifty two mike smith is the oldest jockey to win the triple crown just so blessed that this happened and then to be back in new york where a lot of this all started for me this is a special place always will be in and to do this today i'm just so glassman from nbc sports justify ran the mile and a half fasttrack in two minutes twenty eight point one eight seconds and be gronkowski by one and three quarter lengths hawford finished third giants tried to come from behind to beat the nationals in dc hundley three run homer in the third narrowed the deficit to five the three then he added an rbi double in the seventh to cut the deficit to sixty five but then that's got an insurance run on spencer key booms rbi double in the bottom half of the inning nats go on to win seven to five as struggled against the royals danny duffy at the coliseum duffy allowed no runs on three hits over seven innings and struck out ten the royals go onto win two to nothing matt chapman had three of the as four hits and in soccer the los angeles fc beat the san jose earthquakes four three in overtime at aviva stadium sports at fifteen and forty five on all news one oh six nine am seven forty kcbs when we go out to eat we never agree on where to go burgers pizza talk as it is the one thing we do.

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