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Strange combination of libertarian ethos and all right political thinking has in terms of thinking that there's no place for women in this business and just get out of the room so i think it's i think it's extraordinarily tough to confront and i don't think changing travis salamanca's can make any difference at all jeffrey i just wanna latest loyal alumina jeffrey eisenach jovan and then we gotta gets us more questions jeffrey eisenach i guess two points the the first point i mean i just have to react to jonathan because i think there's some kind of bizarre characterization going on here that the tech industry is comprised two peter thailand breitbart and you know somewhere in there he left out tim cooke and eric schmitt and bill gates and mark zuckerberg mark zuckerberg none of whom would consider themselves having anything to do with a bride parts so that the notion that there's some sort of libertarian philosophy going on here in all those people in pretty confident voted for hillary clinton so so let let's put that aside that the second point and this is not a solution to episodes or bad actors or or even in any immediate way to cultures but at the end of the day six is successful cultures and there's a lot of research on this uh our cultures that represent different perspectives that bring in female voices that bring an ethnic voices and successful cultures our cultures header successful in the marketplace there's jeffrey report may be more familiar with this research than i am but unfamiliar with research that the shows that the companies that are successful in integrating different perspectives including specifically on boards of directors.

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