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Guest. Today is gregor madson. Associate professor of sociology at oberlin. College conservatory was also an author working on a book about changes in gay bars in the us. Welcome to the show. Gregor thank you. You're quite welcome. So i understand. You have a A background in sociology and gender studies and things of that nature. And that's your current project is a book about gay nightlife so pretty much this entire gabe archives project. I've been working on is in a right in your wheelhouse. It's everything that that you studied and worked on pretty much your whole career. None my whole career. This is my second project. Okay well this. The first my first major project was on a prostitution legal changes in the european union. Oh yes i remember seeing. Yeah so this is my second project which is sort of a return to some work. I did early in grad school. Very cool now when we were talking about some of the bars that were important to your lights and so on. I asked you what the first bar experienced a bar. Experience was that you had and you came up with an answer that turns out to be one of the most conic bars not only in the pacific northwest but in the entire country is got quite quite a story behind it. Why don't you tell us a little bit about that. So the first bar that i went to if it counts as a bar was the city nightclub. In portland oregon. I grew up in a small town in washington state. It's a now in the portland suburbs at the time. Was its own separate little often. Docs kind of But it was an all ages gay dance club that didn't serve alcohol and it was owned by this guy. Lanny swallow who. I only learned about much more recently From reading newspaper articles about him. But it was the only place you could go as high school student Where you would be surrounded by other queer folks and it was in the industrial district of portland oregon You could smell the henry weinhard's brewery when you would find parking in this industrial zone Sort of up against the freeway lighting was not very good. It has sense totally gentrified now. It's the swankiest. Part of portland oregon. That what used to be the nightclub is an architect studio anna videography studio the brewery is now condos bike lane. Streetcars baby strollers It's totally unrecognizable but until it closed the city nightclub was the only all ages..

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