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Role play right con does not own any part of the original versions of the movies we read con nor we associated any way with the artist who made them also while we're not the rowdy bunch we are adults goofing off so we might say some things some people might not want their kids to hear previously beautiful your role where he ripped on the indiana jones of the king of the crippled go we believe that the crystal skulls have meant power time and space immortality knowledgeable guide that's why the nazis want them and that's the only you gotta keep a lot of hasn't been nazis alon i made a gift one that's going to be kept together close says it's too good morgan jones i am colonel snide pepsi remember my doctor you're voting down the amazon river and just having a ball and then out of the shadows behind behind the fire looms a giant anaconda looks down in great feathery wings unfold from back and look she's dead me ice in his patience is the key to this then you wake up oh snyder oh what do you do with their i'm i'm taking your crystal skull expert you see where the river connects to eldorado it's it's labeled here on the map you know exactly where it is you've been there before about eight years ago very simple that you visited where you go man what's wrong with chased by boat i'm gonna let you all into a little secret yeah it's kind of i already told you there's been a kind of bone up on this i watched the entirety of raiders lost ark before before we did this and let me tell you i'm freaking out because there's no way this is gonna be as.

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