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It behind closed doors so thing must have gone so wrong unless poaching got a whiff of these guys truly knock caring and truly not given a dam that he said you know what you guys if you guys aren't going to give a damn don't expect me to you guys you're on your own that's a guest that's a total get but i think you're right i think there's got to be more to this than we just see on the surface because you're right i don't know oh i don't know how boetsch you factors into this but man i don't think he forgot how to manage towards her over the offseason i i really don't know number i make is about making about everybody from bobby evans on down to bruce bochy to dave righetti if matti more is that unfixed why hasn't dave righetti why haven't righetti and gardy fixed matt moore and on some way i mean that's their job right is matt moore unfixed level maybe maybe maybe they follow maybe they're giving them the tools and he just can't use them proper maybe you just can't execute so it's been i mean it is again yeah historically unthinkable that gets team is going to lose 100 yemen yeah i remember when fillon valeo kept saying it may murphy jazz going to keep it one hundred on the text line right as laugh and i was like that's funny phil but there's no way they're going to lose one hundred games do you know how historically bad you have to be tried a lose only happened once yeah yeah and it was it was one of the most illequipped crossers they've ever had even have biggest name on the 100 lost giants team that you're a couple of the of the name like ruko okay crew will will you know chris brown okay chili davis silly jeff leonard yet okay but he'll evansville yet i feel you out there i mean you've got a potential hall of famer behind the play you got goal glover's at short in second you've got you've got world champion players out there in the field still nightly daily they're out there are these guys know how to win at the highest highest highs highs level how is.

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