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Dan coast chp and sheriff's officials have been getting help from the county sheriff's to come up with a reason why and how an suv with what's believed to be a family of eight inside when over a one hundred foot cliff jennifer hart and her wife sarah were killed along with three of their six adopted children the three others are still missing and believed dead now the chp says it looks like there was a celebration of the suv up until it hit the ocean floor a chp spokesman says there was no evidence that went over at an angle it just went straight off last week at a news conference mendocino county sheriff tom almond saw evidence of the same using steam because there were no skid marks there were no brake parts there were there was no indication of why this vehicle i walked over seventy five feet of dirt pullout and went into the pacific ocean now the questions of child abuse after it was revealed that child protective services tried to visit the family in washington just days before their suv was spotted over the mendocino cliff last week reporting live holy kcbs attorneys representing homeless advocates are going to federal court today to prevent the city of santa rosa and sonoma's county from closing to encampments kcbs jeffrey schaub reports the city has given the approximately one hundred homeless people until tomorrow to clear out it may be just hours until the people living in this camp side behind a dollar tree store have to move on the city started putting up these yellow placards on the tents here that says notice to vacate illegal campsite or lodging vacate date tomorrow april third lisa is one of five homeless being represented by attorneys for a homeless advocacy group who will ask a federal judge to block the closure waiting to be able to keep this it's it's something that we can all call home you know it's a it's a stable it gives us a foundation county says it plans to build a one hundred seventy five unit apartment complex at the site in advance of the shutdown the county had been operating a housing navigation center of the property to help people find another place to live but homeless advocates say it's not enough there are far fewer shelter beds they say then there are homeless in santa rosa jeffrey xiao becase cbs just.

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