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This is NPR news and this is WNYC in New York I'm Richard hake good morning at six twenty nine we have delays in NJ transit's northeast corner Morrison at six in the main Bergen port Jervis line also metro-north's new haven line is experiencing delays mostly sunny skies today with a high near eighty degrees right now sixty eight degrees in New York WNYC is supported by Columbia Pictures presenting once upon a time in Hollywood the nine film from Quentin Tarantino starring Leonardo DiCaprio Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie in a town of make believe things are about to get real in theaters this Friday the world premiere on Broadway of Harper Lee's to kill a mockingbird Jeff Daniels is Atticus finch and this new play by Aaron Sorkin new block of tickets on sale through April nineteenth twenty twenty this is W. N. Y. C. ninety three point nine FM AM eight twenty NPR news and the New York conversation live from NPR news in Washington I'm David Mattingly two house committees will be hearing from former special counsel Robert Muller today he'll be testifying about his four hundred forty eight page report on Russian interference in the twenty sixteen election NPR's winter Johnston says mother appears before the house Judiciary Committee this morning and the intelligence committee this afternoon it's still unclear whether Muller will answer questions that go.

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