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For best graphic story or comic Bear is monstrous volume for the chosen written by Marjorie Liu and illustrated by John Takeda which I have caught up with monstrous and that story is still is still banks is still real. Good not just really good to hear. Yeah for the Lodestar Award for Best Young Adult Book We Have Dragon Pearl by Yoon Ha Lee and for the astounding award for the newly renamed astounding awards the newly renamed Astounding Award for the best new science fiction writer. We have our a new video San and Tasha surgery and they're all in their second year of eligibility. So those are the Asian Asian American finalists for the Hugo Awards. Looking forward to seeing who wins Personally I'm rooting for Aqualung with. Cause I really liked the popular so next step in our news. We have actually to book. Festival News So one of the book festivals that we're going to mention is y'all stay home and it's it's the virtual book festival version of. Y'All west because y'all West was cancelled due to a covert nineteen. And they're going to be doing a bunch of virtual panels. I'm not sure which platform yet. But you could find out more on Y'ALL WEST DOT COM and their panels are GonNa go from April twenty fifth to twenty six and there's a bunch of Asian American authors who are listed as featured authors for the panels One of them is Abigail. Hang Win who we've had on the show before so check it out if you are interested. Yeah and speaking of a digital book vests everywhere book fest is taking place may first to May second reba everywhere fest. So since a lot of book festivals GOT CANCELLED DUE TO CURRENT VIRUS Ellen O. and Christina Seen Torn Bat. They decided to create a digital programming for for authors who were unable to promote their books. A this season. It's obviously it's. It's a very hard time for everyone. But for authors specially debut authors Like the rely on book signings and speaking speaking events to sell their books so this is a really nice way for authors especially those who are marginalized backgrounds to share their work and to connect with readers The festival will be providing a list of independent bookstore A list of independent bookstore links for the audience to purchase books from Some stores will even have signed books or book plates available so Make sure to check that out. One one panel. I'm really looking forward to is the middle grade lunch bunch panel and that features a Debbie Machiko the author of keep it together capable. Carter Jessica Kim the author stand up Chung. Who We've had on the podcast before Zeo The author of any day W- issue so in this panel. They're gonNA talk about what's inside the lunch. Box of their characters and it. It sounds like super cute. And you mean Chung probably has like Gogi rice and like an act shore like like there's an actual scene in stand up Chung were like. You may opens her lunchbox and it's like it's like rice in critical year and Mike a Bunch of side dishes and you means dislike all like. I don't Wanna eat this because it's it's cold it's cold now and she eats it everyday. So she's like I'm GonNa toss the trash and then go get tacos across street so sad but it's also super relatable but I think the panel like all the panel listings are going to be up on the site on April seventeenth so you can actually look and see what is scheduled and the website is just everywhere book. Fest Dot Com amazing I'm it's really. It's been really caught a see how different industries have responded to this new digital first as our in especially to support new works right like with book events going online now. I know It's been really cool to see all our favourite authors on twitter plugging and supporting other. It's it's been really nice to see. Yeah it's really nice that there are a digital options for authors right now especially since a lot of independent bookstores and just like mainstream bookstores have laid off a lot of their workers. I know recently Barnes and noble has temporarily closed more than like five hundred of their stores and furloughed. Most of its employees. So even even like the Titans of the book. Industry are struggling So yeah it's really nice to see Like I said earlier in this podcast that like independent bookstore owners are being innovative with technology to bring authors and their works to their communities style. Robbo to them. I mean this new day and age I think having community based businesses are more important than ever. Because I don't know about you but I am craving some community right now. Yeah I feel it. Feel the tug of it. Yeah well with that. I also do it for this episode of books. Imbaba Hope you enjoyed our recap of the latest Book News in Asian American Literature Thanks again to refer compiling the stories And if you have time has been very active on the book symbol blocked at BUXTON MOBILE DOT COM. So if you want to check out her. Rundown of March and April Books by as much as American authors or her mystical will about what as stacks should pair with your y. a. asian-american books on checkout. Took those out. I know she's been the direct cause of all the people becoming hungry these past few days. Yup I'm working on some more but it might take time. I'm not the fastest book blogger. So so I have. Major respects for book bloggers who are able to read like ten bucks a week and get posted up nearly every single day. Yeah I don't know how you do it. I have north most of the time I'm just like why am I doing this? No one is making me force. No one is forcing me to write this blog posts. But it's amazing. What happens when you have a lot of time on your hands? Yeah maybe all right one on these days one of these again again. Our Book Club pick for the month of April is Niimi Lee gets a clue by Jennifer Jay Chow. We'll be talking about that at the end of the month So stay tuned for that. And if you've already completed the book and WanNa talk about it right now you can go to reach group activities. Dot Com Search for the simple group and let us know your thoughts and with that re-re they say be healthy and you next time Byron. Thanks for listening to books and Boba. This podcast was hosted by Marvin Review. And Edit it and produce for. Marvin yet followed the book club on twitter and Instagram by going to act books and Boba and engage with us on good rates on are you can also take past episodes of the podcast going to symbol dot com and by subscribing to on your favorite. Podcast APP. Books in Boba is a proud member of the potluck podcast clip. It collected a Asian American podcasts featuring unique voices and stories from Asian the asper learn more about the collective and check out our fellow potluck shows by visiting the website. Podcast POTLUCK DOT COM. Thanks for listening..

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