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I was like, oh wow, and then they replay the old they put the base over the old eBay's they put the guitar over the guitar, you know, they play it over the sample. Now, it's starting to sound like a different sort like a real song. You actually feel it. Cuz remember the old days they couldn't really The Sounds were left ripe and you know what I'm saying the bass lines, but when you put that based on there, you know, and man it just really stood out and then we had a member. What's his name? Rocky Padilla? Danny's his brother came in. He played saxophone on Sunday afternoon. Oh, really? You didn't know that. So shout out to Rockingham brother. Rest in peace came in put out of the stacks to it was so romantic. Oh, wow. Yeah, I need to ask you about somebody that people have been dying to for me ask you about because one of my first shows that I did I want to say was either Tempe or Mesa coyoacan show Johnny in AZ and we performed with you guys. I want to say it was Nineteen Ninety one and I still may even have the flyer cuz I found everything. Yeah and Teardrop was there that's when I met her okay, you guys did an active and she wrapped now people want to know how did you guys come to meet her and what happened to her? You know, that's a good question cuz I get that asked a lot. We were introduced to teardrop through our boy Chulo South Central Bento. He was on our first album as well. He revved on the brown and proud single and his girlfriend at the time was Denise teardrop. Okay, so I think our manager cuz he had this whole vision for our album, which is crazy. I gotta give his black by the way. Yeah, you know put together this Chicano segment based album a I'm saying it was just amazing how he laid it out for us. Anyway going back to teardrop. He was like, yeah. Well, let's get to your job, you know your girl she can wrap. We need a female life on this. You know what I'm saying that enacted we got Shiro, but let's put a female and I think I want to say one of the songs that was out. There is a song. I think we got the idea from another song There was a female rap in with two guys and before Fuji's it was before it was some group found. It was just the idea to have a female voice in there. So should we put her in there? I think children wrote her she went in there. She spit a verse and it just came together man. Bobby was first I thought she was the middle and I was the last one. Yeah, and that was it as far future music. I mean she toured with us like you said he came with us maybe for the first leg and I'm saying maybe even the first six months or something like that, you know, and then she just kind of you know, when it went our separate ways for whatever reason and that's it's just can't doing our thing. We didn't connect with her until years later until you know, Bobby and I eventually we started talking back in 2016. Okay, 2015 wage. Okay again, and we ended up I'm sorry. No, ninety. Ninety-eight. We were linked up with her. So that was Nineteen Ninety one and we reconnect over there. We did album greenside records and ninety ninety seven and she wraps on another song with his called they can't stand it which we also brought Shiro back here. As a matter of fact, I was there for the release party that you guys had in Hollywood. That was dope man. That was a great feeling just to be back on stage man. Yeah, cause yeah and so from twenty-twenty, when's the last time you've actually seen her or heard of her was 2016? Okay, we we did a comeback. So we hooked up with a lou-lou Pizarro Operation Repo Man, you know best from that t show where they go repo right big Mexican do we not busy anymore, but him and his birth was balled his his homie sister does it now? But anyway, long story short he's you know producer and we met him backstage dwtx and now, you know, we had just got weary linked after birth. Years and our first show was the Art Laboe show was in 2015. So there is where we met Lou Louis backstage. Hey, man, I'm a big fan of you guys home. I really see myself doing something with you. You know what I mean as far creating some type of show we gotta we do a show on your story man, Sunday afternoon was was huge. Yeah, you guys are you know off dominantly the one of the groundbreakers for Chicano rap, you know what I'm saying? Like, there's gotta be a story on and were like, let's get it, you know what I mean? And so we started filming You know some some footage he would come on the road us. We do shows they've come whole camera crew whatnot and just filming this whole reality show type TV thing. Right? Well, we had a how long to do this. Come back show reunion shows they call it a lot of shed reunion and I think it was sgv. Was that this this this Comedy Spot and it was a comedy show slash Iraq. It was hosted by let's see route. Okay Gilbert Esquivel comedian. We were working with his brother Rudy and off a couple of others on everybody started showing up and so they said what's the name Amelia Amelia Loretta as a way to he saw like, oh jeeze will come out and then Denise teardrop. She actually agreed to come rehearse with us for that show, cuz we were playing with the live band. Oh, we're playing with Rocky Padilla and his band. He had a band and also DJ pinky was DJing for a job. Pcj painters so long story short, that's when I had seen her in 2016. That's when that took place. I haven't seen her since and I was at and we've been on we've been doing shows on the road. I've been reaching trying to reach out to her and I think she's just in a place where she's just good..

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