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This is the daily article podcast published by the denison forum or culture changing christians to receive the daily article directly to your email inbox. Week day morning. Visit the daily article dot com. Now here's today's news. Discerned differently in each of my radio interviews. This week have been asked about our weather crisis in taxes. People from california to minnesota to florida and points in between are following this story. Our winter weather even made the new york times and for good reason a family in killeen has been forced to ration oxygen for their premature baby. They've had to burn their three year old daughters wooden blocks in the fireplace for warmth. Most of us have now seen our power restored but more than thirteen million texans almost half hour states population do not have access to clean running water as of this morning. The extreme weather has been blamed for at least forty deaths in texas and elsewhere but there is good news in the news as well dallas churches and other faith groups helped create an emergency warming shelter for the homeless the salvation army and other faith groups are providing meals and other supplies for those in need. Volunteers are helping migrants. Who are sheltering in the cold. Lakewood church in houston is just one of many churches that has opened. Its doors to serve as emergency shelters. I will never take electricity or clean water for granted again or those who provide such essential services as a result of power outages. I became interested in the first time in our state. Select trinity infrastructure. I learned that texas utilizes more than six hundred fifty power generation facilities connected by more than forty six thousand five hundred miles of transmission lines to provide electricity for our state. Our power is produced from natural gas. Coal wind nuclear solar hydro and biomass resources. Someone had to design and build every one of these facilities lay every mile of transmission line and create the means by which we convert natural resources into electricity. People have to operate the infrastructure that delivers this electronically to us then repair. That infrastructure as needed workers have been braving dangerously cold conditions this week to restore our power until this week. I confess that. I had never considered any of this. You and i could create a long list of other services. We take for granted who built and operates the internet or cellular connection. You may be using to hear these words who designed and built the electronic devices on which you are listening to them. How much of your home or office could you build. How much of your food could you produce. How many of your clothes could you make earlier this week. Janet and i were sitting in sleeping near our gas fireplace for warmth. We talked about the days when this was how most people kept warm in the winter. But i admit that. I didn't consider the fact that we have a gas fireplace and gas to power it. A convenience much of the world does not enjoy one way. God redeemed suffering is by using it to inspire gratitude for that which suffering threatens our electricity and water crisis in texas calls us to gratitude for electricity and water. The coronavirus pandemic causes to gratitude for life and health. The recession calls us to gratitude for the financial resources. We still possess the january. Sixth attack on the capital causes to gratitude for the democracy threatens the growing threats against religious liberty call us to gratitude for the religious freedom we enjoy and the finna toot of this life calls to gratitude for the greater life to come in psalm. Forty nine ten through twelve. The psalmist noted even the wise die. The fool in the stupid alike must perish and leave their wealth to others. Their graves are their homes forever their place to all generations though they called lands by their own names men in his pomp will not remain. He is like the beasts that perish by contrast. The psalmist rejoiced to testify in verse. Fifteen that god will ransom my soul from the power of she'll for he will receive me. If jesus is your lord he will receive you as well. Father stephen freemen a priest in the orthodox church in america recently wrote an insightful essay titled the last temptation focusing on satan's offered to give jesus all the kingdoms of the world in exchange for his worship. He notes that jesus chose instead to make his father his king through the suffering of the cross father freeman suggests that jesus temptation is hours rather than serving god. Through the way of suffering. We want god to eliminate all suffering when he does not. We reject him in anger for what he will not do rather than serving him in gratitude for all he has done. The season of lent began last wednesday as we travel these weeks and the way to calvary. My prayer is that we will make this season of gratitude. Let's turn the needs. We face into gratitude for the blessings we have received. Let's turn the temptations of our enemy into gratitude. For the strength of our father let's turn the enmity of the world into gratitude for the friendship of then let's express our gratitude for our fathers grace by serving him and others at any cost. Let's see the price of our obedience is an opportunity to show our savior the depth of our love father freeman notes. The cross always appears to be weakness and foolishness and thus its followers must be willing to become weak fools. How will you be a week. Fool for jesus today in romans. Twelve to the apostle paul road do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewal of your mind that by testing you may discern what is the will of god what is good and acceptable and perfect. One way to renew. Your mind is to dive into what the bible says about certain topics. That's why we've just released our latest volume of our perennially popular series biblical insight to tough questions which you may request right now at daily article dot org within its pages we'll see biblical answers to ten relevant questions. Such as is lent relevant for all christians if my church shifts in an umbilical direction what should i do. Is it ever okay for a christian to gamble. May the insights in volume seven. Encourage you in your walk with the lord and inspire you to change the culture around you for his glory. Please request your copy of volume seven today at daily article dot org to subscribe to the daily via email. Read any daily article. You may have missed this week or use any of our resources. Please visit denison. Forum dot org. Thank you for listening to the daily article podcast today..

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