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I think that was user. Hold on two songs. These the ramones performing dated. That is emily the ramones. I wanna be sedated. Derek challenge me do it. Don't all your points. That's not worth snake charmers cares what we're gonna do. We're down to the last question here. Now before i play and it's going to be worth fifty nine thousand hundred and sixty eight point nine. Eight clicked klopp. Click clock trillion points. it's a boy value. That's never been expressed before i. I'm gonna give you a chance to buzz in on something From all the songs you've heard today on our segment of the tv segment. One is a poser. There was a fake in their siblings. Sarah sarah's buzzing in right away now if you get it right you can kick someone out of the game and you buzzed in. And what song do you think was the impostor that actually has no siblings in it. I think it was no doubt no doubt think that your that your final answer. You have heard one on today's game at features no siblings. Is there a penalty for getting it wrong. No you just boyer okay. b fifty. Two's cookie cookie earth wind and fire cool in the game. Those all have siblings the band that has no siblings in it is that you think is made up of a family. There are no ramones in the ramones. It's not even their name is a bunch of dudes who liked the name. Ramon said no idea. Not even their name. They changed their names and made it all up for the band. There are no brothers in the ramones fact. I know damage here. We go final question buzzing when you can do this one. That does actually have siblings. It is a flock of seagulls performance. Seagulls see goals see goals. A flock of seagulls see goals. Yeah performing iran. No it isn t loudly straight from the scoreboard. Paper was torn an early flock of seagulls. Seagulls segel's seagal steven seagal with the u. Seagulls the goal. that's how he pronounced it back in illinois so close to the sea or is it a flock. We got an ocean there michigan. Where does it look. What are you going to say. what's your answer. Run to you. Faulk one to you run to you run to you. I run to you okay. A flock of seagulls. I run to you not even could.

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