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We sit here right now where if they didn't have a conference championship oklahoma would be safely in this playoff but with tcu being all the way back at number eleven i don't think they're going to get in if they win it so now the big 12 is in a situation where if the wrong team wins this game they're going to get knocked out of the play off because they added this conference championship game it will have the opposite effect of what they land and my extrapoint is kind of flashing back to something similar to this i think you guys are probably seen the sec storied documentary called the play the change college football it was about the first sec championship game where i remember though that i remember the quote from roy kramer the sound bite from kramer the the sec commissioner then who it kind of had this idea let's create this game everybody was excited just like they were in the big twelve last year and let's do this it's going to be awesome and then it just turns out the first year of the sec championship game mm alabama goes undefeated and now they have to play florida in this extra game that they would have never had to play before and roy kramer realizes if alabama loses this game like i'm i'm toast there are probably gonna want to do away with the championship game first first and foremost in the night this is going to be my reputation for the rest of my life has that are ruined crammer yeah exactly in the i will have ruined a chance for one of our teams when a national championship alabama of course ended up making a big play low net game to win uh which was the play that change college football elemental went on to win the national championship that year any way and thus the conference championship game craze caught on but i i i can't help but think of both baubles be in oklahoma president david boren who were doing most of the speaking for the big 12 back when this game was was reinstituted and thinking that they must be kind of along the same lines as roy kramer this week where they're thinking what have i done everyone is going to kill me if oklahoma doesn't win this game and of course that was a perks or expire antonio langham yup.

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