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When you talk about pre crisis crisis stays. Visit cetera. It's like it wasn't so long ago that Chelsea was beating city, so dangling. Yes. So it it does seem kind of like, I guess with any big club week to week how we view them. But I think it's kind of worrisome right now, I think at Stamford Bridge because of what sorry is saying and how kind of jaded the players seem. So Chelsea are in fourth place in third are Tottenham and actually, Mike. I don't know if you've noticed on Twitter at all. But there's some ringer FC listeners who think that we're a little too harsh on Spurs. What do you think I mean, sure like, it's? Anyone who's told us that we're too harsh on Spurs rest assured that bringers own number one Spurs fan. Kevin Clarke has promised us. He'll join us on ringer FC in future episode after the Super Bowl because of course, he's doing NFL stuff. He told me that he has a color coded spreadsheet various charts and pie, graphs. I think that he's going to give us a very verbal dressing. Like an extreme dressing down on this podcast wants to Superbowls over. I'm I'm ready for it. I don't know about you. Anyway, Spurs are in third on fifty one points. They're nine points off the leaders Liverpool. It seems like just yesterday. We were talking about them as outside longshot contenders for the league. But now, it's I think fivethirtyeight has them at less than one percent. So in the midst of all of that, of course, they're in a bit of an injury crisis. A hurricane was hurt. He hurt his ankle in the United match. He's out until March over the weekend against Fulham deli suffered a hamstring hamstring strain. Turns out today. The news is he'll be out until March saw no men is at the Asian Cup, South Korea. Almost lost today. Had they lost. He would be returning to England. But of course, they had to beat Bahrain in extra time. So now they're in the quarterfinals will they'll play cutter. Did you watch Spurs in Fulham? Yes. Yes. Yes. I did. See Harry wings, come to two toddlers rescue. Yeah. So they say he saved it from being crisis. So I guess it's just pre-crisis. I will. It's definitely it's definitely firmly in crisis. I think we just talked about being nice disperse. Oh, okay. Yeah. But at the same time, I it's you said yourself, Harry Kane is out until March sano Minhas out for the next licks. I mean like four this month soco's out ALI'S out. They just sold. Kim belly? Despite his fitness issues and the next slate of games is not exactly easy. They have Chelsea this Thursday. Crystal Palace who just gave Liverpool a run for their money. The Sunday, then they play what furred Newcastle lesser city. And then they have both of the legs of the rows of sixteen against Dorman is not going to exactly be easier from here on out for Tottenham. And they're missing. There's just missing a lot of. I mean, like it's going to be tough going. You don't I take it? You don't have any faith in Fernando Llorente. I don't think that Spurs fans have any if in Fernando your day. It needed it to be. So that the the the glancing header he had wide open in the box to put the game away against full of missed it. He might be one of the only attackers in the Premier League to have a bad game against Fulham all year. I I don't have anything in front of me that you know, like can support or refute that, but I'd say that's true. You know, Harry winks you mentioned he scored the winner against Fulham. He's gone. A lot of stick in a lot of flack I've seen from Spurs fans over this season in particular, but he seemed to do pretty well on Sunday. But I mean, like, I know that this is a I've mentioned this several times in this podcast before. But it really was amazing to watch Tottenham beat Madrid three one with. I mean amid 'field cobble together of not first choice options. So you can view this as a considerable hill for toddler to climb. But it can also just be like another one of poverty knows like successes if he manages to stay on the top four with this depleted roster. So yeah, this is where depth will tell and everyone talking about how Tottenham has..

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