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Saturday night party with Julie Martinez and DJ drew to home is two weekends the Saturday night party we do market as a DJ the two presidents told it is to get on the line seventeen I was in danger because you know you your voice already right now seven yeah yeah the role you want to new music now DJ bureau on one oh two point seven kiss FM it is D. J. it's wrong for that Saturday night party I don't want it's another crazy I know you want to hear something already three hundred five zero one OO to serve the man in the catch up at three Martinez ed arms the judge ruled we're the soundtrack to the weekend baby on LA's number one hit music station for two point seven bubbles janitors psychologists security guards nurses housekeepers pharmacists educators administrators physicians patient advocates quality improvement coordinators at Kaiser Permanente the heart of the operation isn't an operation at all together over two hundred thousand essential medical and non medical professionals make it possible for all of us to live long and thrive sixty two corporate twenty one west Jefferson St Rockville Maryland two zero five two don't let.

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