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Dan and share. I think they were at the armory Thursday or Friday night. I know I read John brings review and they'll be on the UCLA awards. Yes. Packed packed with screaming screaming people screaming people. Okay. So just know that there's not gonna you're not gonna be wife. Number four for nNcholas cage. She's applied for a marriage license in Las Vegas was. He getting married to now some lady that he's newish girlfriend. Remember he'd married the waitress in New Orleans jazz wave number three the Marie presi was named number two. I can't remember tertiary cat number one. Oh know. Research that way. They weren't together. She's kind of been like for a year. But anyway, he played for you know. Mary certificate in Las Vegas sold off on the castles in Europe. So now, he's got some she's getting cast again, he was in that one movie that people were going, Mandy. He's making all these really weird movies people like like, at least a group of people were going crazy, including some I feel like the movie was called Mandy the came out last year. Anyway, she's a makeup artist with one credit under AMD. That's a very important one. Lori Alice Kim. Yes. That was his third wife. Twelve years. Yes. Mandy is the movie Laurie. Yeah. That's why when he eighteen, but he's got a million people were like if you have looked down your nose at nNcholas cage and Mandy. Daddy was Patricia Arquette is I was dead. Well, you know why? Because I was in valley girl. With him. And he fixed his teeth. Oh, and he looked like this guy that I dated at very fond of nNcholas cage and valley girl. Yeah. That old gem. I liked him. But then he kind of went a little, okay? So what the heck is going on with Wendy Williams been on it? Now, you've got to longtime pals of her saying, hey, Paul porter told page six three CI needs to dump her husband in order to save herself. Well, he is a control freak in a terror. And then her old radio side kick that she kind of discovered and then that worked for a couple of years on our show Charlemagne garner. He is just her asking her her CARA has been was the producer and on her radio show. They met when they were both young and everything and. He is a control freak a mean guy has had a tenure affair with someone. This woman who just had a baby last week a baby Charlie Charlemagne. He's the one who introduced Kevin hunter to this sharia they've been friends since Columbus, South Carolina. He moves to New York City. He becomes radio Wendy's sidekick, and when he moved to New York to get the to do the job with Wendy. This sharia came to and they both moved into a rent-free condo that Wendy and Kevin O'Neill. But they were always friends so he introduced her. So I feel like this is all happening as you were predicting host last. No, I've been I'm telling you that idea. No that the Charlemagne connection went back to this Charene a-. Last week or two weeks ago? You must be more in-depth reading some of these stories. I didn't know that Charlemagne. The God was the connection with the mistress that he introduced. Wendy's husband to her and he got mad at Trina when he realized that she was playing around with basically he's had to be pretty excited to get a radio sidekick job and go from Columbia in New York City that would be a big move. It's a big done. I mean that would have been a lot of people trying out. He probably had great chemistry window, Wendy. And then he even was on her show, which I can't remember. But I guess he did like man on the streets. I always skip over those on to well, Kevin fired him. Yes. He did. They had a falling out over Shereen. Serena and Kevin hunter who fired him became even more controlling on. The Wendy Williams TV show eventually fired Charlemagne tell him telling him never to contact Wendy again and saying your dad does. And then after that incident charleena's said Kevin is literally gone out of his way to try to stop my. Livelihood to cut my office stopped me from other jobs. He has done it a couple of times. He's definitely got a couple of cease and desist letters from my attorney. He also added that Wendy Williams. As we have said advice. I have said forever is being totally controlled by your husband who manages Oliver fares. I wonder if he is crushing up Xanax or to input in her coffee or her juice that he sends with her driver. Well, she was very today. I watched today, and she was talking about the Spice Girls, and how big they were in the eighties, and I'm like brandy ninety nineties, and that was just because you catch a lot of these slips when you're watching the show, and we do it too. But we're we don't have anyone in on. You're telling us exactly what's right? No, no. I I did watch. I mean, I did think about that. I thought okay. How easy okay. I've read too many of these mysteries. Do you know how easy it would be like didn't it wasn't that a plot in the stepford wives was that they start mixing? He knows that. Character. Search has oh, it's our smoothie thing. But there's something in it. That's zanuck. See that makes you kind of be, you know, have no just flat. And then she keeps getting drug tested. I mean, I don't know. I just feel like is he playing with their mind were where mommy and daddy honest to honest to Pete. And then Wendy Williams. She tried to tell. Elvis duran. He's buddies with Roger Friedman at showbiz for sure. Longtime. Yup. Music in Hollywood. No media columnists. We could ask Tonya Harding. She would know about this Wendy Williams denied to Elvis Duran achieve in new Charlemagne. Oh my God. Together on the radio for a few years. And then he's anyway. And you feel bad for her. Especially now that Kevin has a new daughter. Oh, so what's Moran press Hilton born on March twenty fifth? His Wendy knows now about it occurs. She's known she's known. But who knows what Kevin is telling her. You should have even more amazing story when she gets away from him. Oh police when she gets away from him. And you don't even realize I've told you this million times that no one wants to go on that show because of him and no one likes him him. And no one wants Wendy on their show because of Kevin. Yeah, he he's isolated her then complete abuse. I just don't understand. But..

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