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So you need to focus on you don't even family and I'm going to do what I do in the ring and I'm going to give my heart out, you know? So hopefully people respect that. And that's all I could do. This is giving my best, but at the same time, you know, I got my family and I got to take care of myself and them. Do not have a fight for boxing is not. It's not like you could be a doctor come to your 60 years old. You have, oh, you got a short, short self life, to make a lot of money. I totally get that. Last question for you. So is the plan short term? Richard Comey in March. Is that kind of what you're being presented with at this point? And how long will you wait until, like, will you still hold out hope they'll make a program for it? So, you know, I'm going into the end of the year. So I'm glad I'm having this interview. So again, do my message to readers in 20 network. Because I understand this type of the thing is that the zone and any other huge network, unless they unless there's a fire, there's no reason for them to invest on a part of that by the contract. It doesn't benefit the zone in any way, it doesn't benefit match women any way to or golden boy or by this part because I'm still legally punched up with top rank. And then we just do a probable, you know? So we already know where I say what matter motor. So the only learning person is called that guy to learn the business and within two days. And go out there and start asking questions with this promoter because they're promoters has a right to give him the champion right now. The best fights. And it seems like they're not doing that. The whole management team is not doing that. But at the end of the day, man, the Pythagorean happen and. Before the year ends, I could be in a position where I have all this options, you know, and the. Same with topic makes sense to me and now stay with top rank of not, you know, we'll see. We'll see what's out there. The good thing is that in my contract, even if I become a champion by my second next fight, there's nothing that holds me back from staying with top rank unless unless I want to stay. So it's not like there's nothing in my contract that says if you become a champion, you have to contract extends and I know how to do that. And I did when I became a champion against your mom, but that probably ended. I extended my contract with them for a couple more fights after they gave me the Taylor fight. You know? But I think that's why Richard Cohen has been present to me, but they have the percentage of bigger fight, you know, I'm willing to be back in that ring again for the second fight before September. Jose, I appreciate your time, man. I mean, like you said, one 40 is hot right now, man. It's a great division. You know, you throw Ryan García into that mix later on in the year, presumably he's at that weight class, another big name. I hope you get into it, man. You're a fun fighter and hope to see you back real soon. Now listen man. The spiders tank, Brian,

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