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You smith or the next the next ted ginn or whatever i mean they've had guys down there have put up some big numbers kelvin benjamin was was a payday made out of florida stay and that didn't really work out with injury wise or him and cam never really on the same page obviously was sent away to buffalo but i mean that's kind of league i think these days fantasy wise like i said how that i think the idea moore's picked but i mean there's there's players all over the place i mean trying to think of top of my head that weighs picks that was more of a kind of a sleeper pick like here's my actually here's my guy for this year cameron cameron meredith camera meredith team care it's on the new orleans saints position can reminded place he's the wide receiver to for the new orleans saints and they receive actual i think he's going to become he's right now listen number two for wars every one actually behind michael thomas but they're right now there are several ted ginn junior and i don't think it's gonna take very long for camera to put up some into his numbers they're not off jump off the page numbers in chicago but they were numbers where okay he he knows how to burn out he can get in the end zone so i mean that's the guy who i think is going to get on if he can get on a good page if we find out that him and drew brees have good chemistry than you can run with that because i mean this guy is six six three two hundred and seven pound receiver i mean he's a big possession guy he's a big dude big target for i mean he's also young he's only twenty five years old i mean for the saints i mean he's put up almost he's he's been in the league for what since two thousand fifteen put up seventy seven catches thousand yards career four touchdown so i mean there's such down so i can go up because i mean he was he's been having his own accused bill in the bears the last two years red zone efficiency has been that great what comes throwing throwing for touchdowns drew brees now i think it's going to be a little more encouraging but he's he's on the saints and he's kind of a name that nobody really thinks about i know he's been on he's been around fantasy a little bit because he can't put up some hours he has some good weeks but mrs a guy who was snagged of illinois state but he's at great size great hands and i think him and him and drew brees are end up hooking up a lot this year we whether we have michael tom is getting double covered or what have you and or ted again obviously taking on the outside throw i mean having a six three slot receiver is the most normal thing to do but maybe throw ted ginn in the slide and have cameras on the outside he can have you can figure it out your way otherwise would leave his disarm peyton to figure that one out he's in good hands there but i think the going to the saints is a great thing for him because getting in a position where he can be that big receiver be that guy across from another top receiver in michael thomas with a hall of fame quarterback how can you go wrong there how could you go wrong so i think that that's a guy example where i mean i watched now you guys are going to pick him in the draft like last route or something that because you have no picks like i said receivers are kind of a dozen they fall if somebody falls too you could find talent at receiver anywhere in the draft him in the preaching all week all bunk long my mouth drafts you could find out that there are receivers and there is talent catches everywhere i would take stock up on some cavs pass catching running backs maybe one short yardage guy i want to put somebody on against.

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