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Ken are you as frustrated as barn with it is frustrating but it's also completely understandable and i think that comment did underscore the extent to which maybe it's a mistake to to care very much pay very close attention to what the senate intelligence committee is doing because at the end of the day they can't get to the facts that robert muller with his grand jury subpoena power and get to and that's what's going to make or break this case is we have the circumstantial case of collusion byron may disagree but you know we have the trump tower email saying you know we're we're we're willing to accept from the russian government essentially now the question is what can muller prove what actually happened that we're not seeing and that mark warner's not seeing and i think that and we're just not gonna find out until muller's but there is a conundrum here because muller's brief is not to illuminate for the public what the facts are his brief is he's a justice department prosecutor whose only job is to bring criminal cases when he finds evidence of violations of federal statutes that's not going to necessarily answer any of the key questions we all have about this matter so that's why it is so important what the committee does even if they don't get access to all these witnesses who else is going to be able to bring out the fact i think the most important thing the committee could do is at the end of the day require muller i think has to write a.

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