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Truth Thank you again You can't. Handle the truth interesting. Story about, that of course that, is, Jack. Nicholson. Aaron, Sorkin great yeah a. Few good men Aaron Sorkin, wrote the play and then he wrote the screenplay. And it was I think I wanna say the play, won a, Pulitzer but I'm I'm just pulling from, my memory banks but it is. Interesting to see he's such a great writer in that that that's seen that courtroom scene where he gets Jack Nicholson to admit that he broke the law by having. A code red it kind of touches on both of these subjects. Here in that Trump called He was referring to Mcgann McCann and who testified for thirty hours in front of Muller and everybody was talking about. The rat, you know the people that are that are going after Trump that used to be confidants or people inside. The circle once you, get pinched they turn any pointed to, John dean John dean at some comments to do we have. John, dean yeah this is this is a. Hold on remember John John dean was we don't. Have. That okay. That's okay John dean was counsel to, president Nixon and he was the guy that he wasn't, heap throat but he was the guy that turned The information Haldeman and arm down, we're in the White House. Orchestrating the, cover, up dean was involved and as you probably have you ever seen a. Few the president and all the president's men you saw that unfold but the that story which I think is a big story and important the way. Trump refers, to people that are close to them when they turn and I think that's going to lead to more. People turn and we'll, get into that but let's talk a, little bit about what Giuliani said this is again this is. Right, or wrong are alternative facts that Kellyanne. Conway said the Chuck Todd back in back in. The. Day the. Best part about ten she said well, those are alternative facts and you Todd's face doesn't work, on the radio his face look like You can't believe it Alternative facts why I haven't talked to Chuck Todd, in a long time but he's like a real interesting down to earth guy and his meteoric rise. To all this crazy he's doesn't look, like your typical guy and a lot of people didn't predict, a success, and the you know he got. The badge of honor of course when when they ain't got, a nickname from Trump So is remember that sleepy Chuck Todd sleep I love, it anyway so Giuliani was was, on the he actually did to Sunday shows but this, is the one he said he got into he should not go, on CNN stay, on FOX with a friendly and he actually he's got to watch out now because. Now Britt Hume is beginning to push back so you got, Shepard Smith and then you've got, Chris Wallace and now you got Brit Hume and and. I think it's beginning to unravel, the, former Military analysts is, now coming out, and saying that everybody on FOX are prostitutes for Trump yeah I mean not everybody's. You know there's a handful like you're naming but I feel, like the commentators the ones that, are there just to drive up the ratings no-hold-barred no Because they're commentators. But. In the, past FOX, has FOX, has been around for twenty years, and in the past you know people that that carried Bush's water and and and and the Republican. Water I mean the, Democrats were like okay, we had MSNBC and there was a kind of. A balanced there but, Trump is, like totally shifted it and and when when Giuliani was talking about truth Philosophically Giuliani's right when he says truth is always truth let's listen to a little bit of Giuliani's. Comments regarding in this in this, back and forth what I have to tell you is look I'm not going to. Be, rushed into having him testify so that he gets trapped, in a perjury. And when you tell me. That you know. He should testify. Because. He's going to, tell the truth and should, worry well that's so silly because. It somebody's version of the truth not. The truth, he didn't have a, conversation, I don't know it isn't true sure there's in truth the president, United States says I didn't truth is. The truth Mr Mayor de realized what I know Don't don't don't do this. To me don't. Talk from striking. Donald. Trump says I, didn't talk about Flint with, call me call me says you. Did talk about it for sure this There is. Still an in a scenario is true you just need you. Know obviously, somebody else to corroborate side I mean, come on we know what we're talking. About here and there are examples I can give you philosophic examples where there are two truce for example if the sun? Were to blow up you would know it. For nine. Minutes so does it blow. Up when you realize. It blows up, or does it blow up before you. Even, know applause up I definitely think I won't care either. Way Again my point is is, that on grand scales and really small scales, you can have two truths the quantum world is you can see. Something and by seeing, something you affected it so it's not where it was just the. Whole idea of recognizing. It but. We're in a much different world now, we're. We're Newton's, world and so the question? Is. Is you, know if Trump again if Trump says something and you, said he said something for example Trump says the. Sti- is blue right game then people go but let's have Trump's says the sky is is. Turquoise and you, know the, sky is blue and you say. You can, battle on, that but if Trump says the window is my my dog. And I ate the green stuff you can't really you that's. Insane that's, not true or it's not true right, I mean you see what I'm saying. Yeah and he's he has actually said things along the lines of that and I'm not saying he's mentally ill or anything? I'm saying sometimes he's trying to lie on On the on, the run and he's not good at it no. He's not very few people are I mean But this goes back to the true thing I think that because we are stuck in this and I give you, another example define? Is Clinton was trying to say that oral sex was not real? Sex and people go? Well, is it sex I remember that debate your mom walks in on you doing. It, are you having sex no he. Told me I think? You, all your mama So I'm I just done deciphering what Trump. Means and what his lawyer means I think. That's what people can, agree on I'm done with that, but I think. It's important again you're moving forward I think what happened yesterday is this is about Giuliani and. It's, really not about truth create yeah he's actually do you understand? What Giuliani meant that I'm done why? Do we. Have to decipher it speak clearly so can anybody else? Help redefine another kind of truth. I'd, love. To, hear. That eight oh eight oh eight and here's, my second one about a winter you or what's the difference between, a rat and a whistle blower What is the difference? Between somebody the rats out Trump Trumpers? You in. And you say I know you know he's a creep? From day one right if you're. Know, and. Then, and. Then it gets kind of dicey and you, turn on them you're still a rat I mean you may mean I think I think I could say? One is. On morosi hold you hold that thought we'll get to that coming up again that's Nikki's, version of what a rat is coming right up and, yours? As well eight oh eight oh eight when in a rat and whistle blower and can you, be both that can. Be Desierto, truce that's next Chip Franklin k. g. o.? Eight ten Three thirteen on g. away ten time to get through your afternoon commute with Heather from the Chilton auto body traffic desk still have an accident on coastal highway. One southbound through the Santa Cruz. Area it's in capitalist state park drive the left lane may still be blocking traffic is very heavy, from highway seventeen on down northbound seventeen a little slow passing state park drive northbound six eighty jammed over the snow grade does that every afternoon between south mission and valid Theodose and you're finding normal traffic on the Nimitz freeway between. Dakota road and a street in Hayward, if you're getting out of San Francisco you got a lotta company getting line, because the line starts at Cesar Chavez.

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