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A plea deal in which you will face between sixteen and thirty five years in prison a conviction a trial could have sent him to prison for life galloway had also been questioned in the unsolved disappears of danielle srs lucky affirmative hills she's been missing since early last december galloway had been a security guard at the building where she worked police questioned him and even searched his home but he was never charged in her disappearance dj our news a farmington hills teenager is scheduled there will be back in court today as an exam resumes four 16yearold mohammad altan tally charged with firstdegree murder and the death of his mother 35yearold not out harani police say that she was strangled and then thrown out of a window a man was fatally shot while walking into a funeral home on detroit's east side police are looking for the suspect who reportedly was an afford or a vehicle that drove away police are looking into whether this might have been connected to a previous shooting an eighty five year old woman has been killed after a car she was in was slammed by an suv on auburn road in rochester hills alcohol not involved then he in the african american community are skipping the opening of the mississippi civil rights museum because president trump while attend that'll be saturday the jackson mayor chuck oil a mumbo says he will not be there i will not be sharing the stage with president trump uh i join congressman thompson and congressman lewis uh in in you know asking individuals to to actually visit the museum and to celebrate this history wjr news time nine all three here's steve courtney sports all right richard.

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