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A big. No Green Bay Packers Vince Lombardi fan. Dallas cowboys. Pittsburgh Steelers forty Niners. All the great great great franchises that have been great for longtime. What's happening here? This point in time is never never been duplicated. And now here I am doing the same thing. But I'm just stating facts. I'm just dating facts. And given the world that we live in how hard it is to repeat. In pro football. How the deck is stacked against you. The following year when you win and you get the tougher schedule. And you keep going back keep going back and keep going back and you change turnover players turnover player, but three things have remained constant. Robert Kraft, Bill Belichick Tom Brady. You can have your opinion and think that somebody's done a better. And I respect your opinion. But in my opinion. This is the best that anybody's ever done. It. No one's ever done. It better. Then these three people have done it. And we're very fortunate to grow to live here in New England and be able to experience it firsthand. So. Good luck to the pats in the Super Bowl. Will. We'll come back. We're in our season. So we'll come back. With another podcast soon. But hope hopefully, you enjoyed. No bit of Sheryl Crowe. Hopefully, you're a fan of music. Maybe you understand better. Now her history a little bit and. Her fight with breast cancer and her thoughts on. Music in general, and where women fit into the music world. And my ramblings. Haven't had a chance to do that. Hopefully, I didn't put anybody in a tizzy. Maybe I did. I did. So until until we get together. Again, this has been Gino Auriemma. Holding court. We'll see you soon.

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