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Devil knows you're dead yeah yes the wrestler the rats 100 voted for her yes i would vote our honestly enable penelope cruz that one all right right and yelled great yeah but i'm but i but yeah i will totally it's i i will support her yeah will support moroni it's a it's a ballot maresca always yacht now there was also some some conversation about for best actress they were saying like you know like everyone was very gung ho about kate winslet there for a while for this new woody allen movie and now you just hear people stop talking about the guy on and this it gonna suck so much when it is that when it's you're just the actor in the equation the you're giving the performance and your kate winslet in your area you know i also believe she probably doesn't care about getting an she has an osce chairman she has she's amazing i don't know anyone who says kate webb kate winslet sobat actor now you know or whatever i mean i think she's she's thoroughly yeah earned she's third she's thoroughly lauded and she's been not yet i just saying like in terms of like things might change yeah like even the woody allen a factor yes like you to see like the pundits like stop talking about the i know now they they're saying this could be the year where it's like you see if thriller nominated again for best picture you see a movie ralph to i don't understand why we have such double standards because i to me the woman who was the mom in the baba duke gave the one of the best performances of the year last year to react and i came out i was like that deserves the nomination like we give people these awards for these sweeping period piece you were aware and right you know you were a knows what our enemies again you were unopposed.

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