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Doing a wonderful thing. My man honestly you know. Let's be honest the fighters they don't get paid in my opinion what they deserve in. It's people like you in large part. Who help help them be able to fight? And continue chasing this dream of being you know one of the top fighters as far as earners are concerned. and You keep that dream alive and I know how you know the fighters writers feel about you in the managers feel about June. It's amazing to develop that reputation in this particular sports. So congratulations on all your success and everything that you've done in the main continued to do you and it was great to learn more about your history about about where you came from and how you bill talk this. It's really impressive. I appreciate that man and I appreciate everything you do for the sports awards here without people like you. It's it's very hard for a lot of people to get this great information and hear all these great things about how industry shaping up so how you're doing amazing job to you my friend. Thank you Hans. I appreciate it. We'll talk to you soon. Thank you all right there. He is Hans Mon Camp Director of Combat Sports for Monster Energy and as he mentioned an outline he's been involved in the fight game for quite some time and One of the very important figures in this game that maybe you don't know But without him the fighters aren't making all that much money especially the ones who are trying to make a name for themselves. I mean obviously the McGregor's of the world are you know doing just fine without wither without sponsors but the sponsors help in between McConnell hasn't fought right. He hasn't fought since October of last year. And I'm pinpointing him but every manager fighter will tell you if you don't have sponsors you're struggling And that means that the people aren't connecting with you that means you're not getting big fights the spotlight on you. It's a very important part of this game. And I and it was scary for a lot of fighters when the reebok deal was brought in and I talk a lot about the reebok deal as far as like stripping away their personality but the truth of the matter is forget about the personality it took away their income When you took away those sponsors the banners all that stuff not only in the more things that media day a post fight press conference center and it's been loosened up a little bit but still it took a while for the fighters start to get back on that same track and I think social media helped them out a lot and so? I think that that's something that people aren't recognizing I heard obviously patriots and it was on my show and she told me about that and that created a big. You know a a big stir but A lot of players are doing well as a result of social media joked recently that were Moskva dolls. Instagram reminds me of that scene. Wayne's world where you know they're hawking in all these different products and of course I'm joking. I'm happy for them. I want the fighters get paid as much as possible. They all deserve more From the top all the way to the bottom they all do so great to hear Honda Hanta Story and a lot of fun doing this particular episode focusing on the business side of I don't consider myself a business person per se but I do love the business side of the fight game and so it was cool to hear those three different perspectives before we go a couple of news and notes actually while we were doing this. PODCAST Bell tour dropped a pretty big one on us Announcing that the bantamweight champion for their organization Kyoji. Her Gucci has relinquished their title. This is the press release. It's pretty short after suffering a severe injury that forced him to undergo surgery bell tour bantamweight champion Kyoji. Her Gucci has relinquished the title. He won last June a belt or two twenty two with the championship. Now vacant Will move to book a one hundred and thirty five pounds title bout in the coming months There is a quote in this story from Scott Coker Creveld President and the main part is after fully healing. We plan to give Kyoji an immediate title shot. Of course he's also the rise in champion as well. So that's That's a pretty big piece of news. The other big story. That's been percolating this week. has been twenty ferguson versus Habib Magomedov. ESPN reporting putting on Monday. That the U of C is targeting it for April eighteenth in Brooklyn New York and that is accurate. That is what they want. Habib himself saying recently that he wants to to fight in April and that Brooklyn was the front runner But something weird happened. And I don't know weird is the right word but something that happens sometimes when these big fights are being negotiated happened Monday night where you see Habib side start to flaunt the fact that they have a assigned `bout agreement. Let's go Tony. Here's our agreement. Now it's on you and you and you don't hear much from Tony. Tony emerged Tuesday tonight and said that on twitter. He wrote that you know time to play Games are over. I'm open for business and it was a bit of a mixed message. I think that if you did did not really know what was going on. You would think that he was confirming that the fight was done deal The video would certainly suggest that but what he was saying was like let's talk. Let's talk business you. You want this fight. I want this fight. Let's talk. It's something that's happened over the past few years in the AFC as we all know about the rise of the The money fight the mega fight in large part because of Conor McGregor success and popularity and over the last year so the UCS tried to you know. Stop a lot of that money. Fight talk and get things back on track for them. It was almost like the inmates. were running the asylum was starting to become a lot like boxing where Pfizer being negotiated every single time. It didn't matter if he had a four fight deal ideal ideal. You were renegotiating every single time. They don't want this and so they have started to put their foot down a lot more and just said like take it or leave it and often the fighters taking it because at the end of the day the UFC has to leverage their the promotion. They're the ones with the belts. You have to fight for them and we saw this with mine and Covington and early in the toxic remember. This fight is what four and a half months away. We're starting to see the same thing here Tony. I hope that they're able to talk. I hope that they are able to give Tonia deal. That is fair and is something something that he you know. I think has earned an end in his worth and that it's not just okay. Habib is the Big Star. He is the side. Let's get him done and Tony. You're just GONNA take AAC whatever it is you fought Donald Twenty four because in my opinion what he fought Surani for has nothing to do with what he's fighting for this title. Fight this a main event. The whole show is going to be built around this fight different circumstance so different fight can't just take the same thing and so in the Post Sufa old old regime era now the WMA endeavor era a new people have been brought in and they're trying to put their foot down and say look. You WanNa negotiate go elsewhere because it's not happening here and that's created some friction and that's created some some really tense times between fighter slash manager and promoter So I'm really curious to see how this story plays out but this particular story is not done. This fight is not done. We know the day we know what they want. But Tony side isn't finalize. And I just want to caution everyone that whenever you see someone flaunting signed contract because take it from me as someone who tries to find out information from people. For whatever reason reason fighters managers they're very afraid to talk about fights before the promoter and it doesn't matter if it's your belt or anyone else before the promoter makes it official. They're very afraid. So all of a sudden and those few times when you see someone to actually flawed a sign bowed agreement. You know that the green light is given to put pressure on the other side. Let's not be silly. Let's not be foolish this year. We know exactly what's going on all of a sudden we're seeing. We're seeing assigned bathrooms. We saw that with men. COMINGTON last year You remember that club Ebner Mogomedov. UFC to a five Story that he got mad at me about. Why aren't you talking about my son? Contract is because they're trying to put pressure on Alvarez to take the connor fight so that happens and it's a part of the game it's part of the the business side of this game. I'm not saying it's dirty or anything like that. It's just what makes the fight game and interesting sport to cover In boxing you kind of see how the sausage edges made a little more in our sport. Things are kind of kept under wraps but as the sport continues to grow and social media continues to grow. You're starting to see a little more of this. Come out and We're seeing hanging out with the Tony Ferguson situation. So just keep a locked here. We'll keep Rian. We'll tell you how it really is T- Did you learn a thing or two about the business side Eh may today did you enjoy it. I really enjoyed the me being the young person. I am the comments from instagram and ever since Page said that under Monday show I've been really interested the net and diving into the numbers about good stuff. Thank you and what about Gina Krahn. I mean you just learn you know you were. You're would it be fair to say that. This is the first time that you were exposed to the magic. That is Gina Carano. Yeah I mean pretty much every week that you bring someone on. We had a conversation before the show last week. I was like yeah. Yeah who's randy couture couture. Yes and you're like. Oh he's only like the greatest fighter one of the greatest fighters ever. I really haven't heard of the person until you've had them on their show on your show which you had not had randy on since I've been working on your show so I now know who Gina Carano is. She's awesome makes me want to watch the man to Laurie. And not even a star wars guy right and she was awesome. She was a lot of fun. She's very smiley. And I tell how much that whole interview meant to you. Yes missile corporate plug their for Disney plus of course of grab can corporate Guy Novacek though no corporate. Jake no no corporate jake here but you know you hear that you don't get anywhere else..

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